There's a new Alpha in the NFL

[December 1, 1929]

The Providence Steam Rollers were really not much of a Champion to begin with. They won the 1928 NFL Title with just eight wins, one loss and two ties, playing a truncated (and some might say, easy) schedule.

We knew at the start of the day that Providence would not repeat as Champions in 1929, but the Packers are the new Alpha in the NFL and they demonstrated this rather convincingly here in Rhode Island with a 25-0 thrashing of the former pack leader.

As the Packers train rolled back west under a full moon, I could hear even in the dining car, a loud chorus of maniacal howls coming from the victors up in first class. There would be no sleep on this train tonight, no one would sleep until we reached Chicago again. I raised my glass to fellow scribe Stoney McGlynn of the Journal-Sentinel, and we cheered the dominant east-coast road trip, and our good fortune at having been along for this ride.

"Ya think they got what it takes, FG?" Stoney asked.

"Of course," I responded. "If the Bears even score a point next week, I'll eat my hat."

Outside, a light snow began falling.

Game notes from the press box:

Welcome to week twelve of the 1929 NFL season. The undefeated Green Bay Packers complete their east coast road trip today against the Providence Steam Rollers (4-5-2). There are probably 10,000 fans here at the Cycledrome.

Fun Fact: Rhode Island measures 1,214 square miles. That's like four Lake Winnebagos.

Providence may be having a rough season, but remember, the Steam Rollers are the defending NFL Champions (by technicality). In '28 the Packers and Steam Rollers played to a 7-7 tie. So difficult to repeat in this day and age.

First quarter action, Verne Lewellen takes a run around the right end all the way for the score. TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Magnificent crack block by Lavvie Dilweg sprung Lewellen for 37 yards.

Kick fails, Packers lead 6-0.

At halftime, Providence has zero points and -33 yards total offense.

Third quarter, TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! This time Lewellen throws the score, to a wide open Blood Mcnally. Kick fails, Packers lead 12-0.

Packers averaging 4.6 yards per carry and they've run the ball 50 times already. Cully Lidberg finishes off the first drive of the fourth quarter with a one-yard touchdown. Kick is good, Packers now lead 19-0.

Steam Rollers are now just kneeling on first through third downs, then punting. White flag.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!! Brilliant special teams play by Red Dunn and Johnny Blood. Dunn fields the punt and laterals to Blood, who followed fine blocking for a 73-yard touchdown.

Kick fails, Packers lead 25-0. That's the ballgame, folks. Packers (11-0-1) will stop in Chicago next week for the season finale against the hated Bears.

Packers Book Club quote of the week:

It was getting dark. I lay and thought where we would go. There were many places
-Farwell to Arms