Packers whip Bears, win first NFL Title

[December 8, 1929]

There really has been no question all season, the Green Bay Packers are playing football on a sublime level all their own. After beating their hated Chicago rivals for the third time this season, the Packers (12-0-1) became the first undefeated team in NFL history.

Humiliating the Bears was truly the icing on the cake for this Packers team, but the real celebration will be up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, when the team train pulls into the station. Really, the celebration will begin when news of this great victory reaches the northcountry wires in short notice.

The Packers might play for the smallest city in the NFL, but they are a team of the people, and the fans of Green Bay extend far beyond the city limit.

"This is a championship for the everyman and everywoman," declared Coach Lambeau in the locker room after the victory. "We don't play for Johnny Moneybags. We play for the people, now, and forever. This Championship is for all of us that call Packersland home!"

Game notes from the press box:

Welcome to week thirteen in the 1929 NFL season. The Packers (11-0-1) have combined to beat the Bears (4-7-2) 37-0 in two previous games this season. A third victory over their hated rivals today will secure the team's first NFL Championship. Huzzah!

First quarter, Packers moving ball at will behind tremendous heave blocking, and also, proficient gouge blocking. First and goal.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!! Cully Lidberg tractors in from two yards. Big Carl been doing work between the tackles so far. Packers lead 6-0.

There are quite a few empty seats here and a good deal of Packer fans in attendance. Bears fans realize they have little to no chance of derailing Packers victory parade.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!! Verne Lewellen follows excellent chuck blocking, deftly cuts up-field and pounces into the endzone. Untouched. Packers had Bears fooled their, looking for Big Carl up the gut. Kick fails again, 12-0 Packers.

Joe Sternamen responds in typical Joe Sternamen fashion: Terrible interception. He is on the sideline smoking a cigar, dazed look about his face.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!! Red Dunn hits Eddie Kotal on a screen pass and Kotal zips down-field for the score. 19-0 Packers.

Kotal and Dunn both just recently returned to the lineup since being severely injured in the previous Bears game, week eight. Sweet revenge.

Lidberg intercepts Sternamen again. That is four interceptions for Sternamen today. This is getting ugly.

Packers piling it on now, three TOUCHDOWNS in the third quarter! Kotal snares a quick cross - one-handed - from Lewellen and sprints to the goal. Kick fails, Packers lead 25-0.

Bears tried covering Kotal with Red Grange, no use. He is electric.

A Bears fan is burning his Joe Sternamen jersey in the stands. He is laughing and crying at the same time.

There's the final whistle. Packers whip the Bears, claim the 1929 NFL Championship for Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Packers fans everywhere. Hopefully this is just the first of many titles!

Packers played Bears three times this season, twice at Wrigley. Final score: 62-0.

The Bears sure are lousy.


See you all in Green Bay for the celebration!

Packers Book Club quote of the week:

That fall the snow came very late. We lived in a brown wooden house in the pine trees on the side of the mountain and at night there was frost so that there was thin ice over the water in the two pitches on the dresser in the morning.
-Farewell to Arms