Hurdis McCrary is a very bad man

[November 10, 1929]

Johny Henry out-hammered a steam-engine. Hurdis McCrary bested motor-cars in sprint races. John Henry is an American folk hero, and Hurdis McCrary is a very bad man.

When Coach Lambeau was rebuilding his roster during the off-season he sought this kind of tough-ness.

"I remember Schmitty (Packers head talent scout Don Schmitt) sending me a frantic telegram on a hot July afternoon," recalled Lambeau after Sunday's grand victory over the hated Chicago Bears. "All it said was, 'Hurdis McCrary is a very bad man. We must sign him.'

"So I went and saw him myself. He was in this traveling circus down in Georgia. He raced a shiny new motor-car in a 100-yard-dash and beat the machine soundly. Then he took a bite out of the rear-view mirror and growled menacingly... several people in the grand-stand shrieked and promptly fainted. So we signed him on the spot."

McCrary, in his first year with the Packers, has started every game at both offensive and defensive back. He has been a difference-maker all season, but in week eight against the Chicago Bears, he played his best game yet, scoring both Packers touchdowns, one on offense and one on defense.

After the game he took the team out for steaks and libations.

"I am a sportsman, we are all sportsmen," said McCrary in a booming voice, mug of ale raised chest-high. "Thank you for your sporting efforts today... Here's to victory!"

He took a large swig of his ale, then set his mug on the wooden table.

"And here's to the Green Bay Packers!"

The feasting-hall erupted into jubilant cheers.

Game notes from the press box:

Welcome to week eight of the NFL season. The Packers face the Chicago Bears for the second time this season, having humiliated their hated rivals 23-0, in week two.

There are 15,000 fans here today at Wrigley Field, probably a third of them are Packers faithful who have ridden the rails to cheer on their team. Even the Green Bay town band is here! Nobody seems to mind the chilling winds or driving rains peppering the field and stands alike.

Eddie Kotal was pulverized by several Bears players after a nifty twelve-yard run. He has gone to the locker room.

Red Grange isn't playing in this game (broken femur) but his younger brother Garland has made some nice plays so far.

They just announced in the press-box, Kotal has a broken collarbone. He is done for the day.

Uneventful first half, still tied at zero. But listen to that town band! Putting on quite the show!

Packers received the second half kick and have pushed the ball deep into Chicago territory.

Busted coverage, Red Dunn finds Hurdis McCrary wide open in the end zone for the game's first score. The kick is good and Packers lead, 7-0.

McCrary put a nasty double move and his opponent fell to the turf, leaving the big man all alone behind the defense. Easy peasy.

McCrary is taking over the game! Minutes after catching a touch-down pass he intercepted a Joe Sternamen duck at mid-field and returns the ball 52 yards for a spectacular defensive score. 14-0 Packers!

Sternamen is pouting on the bench and smoking a cigar in the rain. That pick-six is probably all the points this Packers defense needs for another win.

Red Dunn had Lewellen open deep for the dagger, but was sacked before he could throw. He is down in a large mud-puddle. This doesn't look good. His arm shouldn't point that way.

This Chicago turf is an absolute joke. Like always. No way Dunn takes that sack if he had decent footing.

Yep, Dunn dislocated his shoulder, we've been informed. He is also done for the afternoon. And with the injury bug looming, Coach Lambeau has pulled a few more starters here in the fourth quarter.

That's all she wrote for the Bears as the Packers easily beat their rivals, 14-0. In two games this year the Packers have out-scored the Bears, 37-0. These two teams play once more on the final week of the regular season.

Early word from team trainers is that both Kotal and Dunn should be ready for the big game against New York in two weeks. Heal up, fellas!

The Packers (9-0-0) will stay in Chicago for the week and play against the Cardinals next Sunday, then the team travels to New York for a show-down with the Giants (8-0-1), in what figures to be a game for the 1929 NFL Championship. Should be a doozy.

Packers Book Club quote of the week:

"Why did you enter Switzerland this way in a boat?"
"I am a sportsman," I said. "Rowing is my great sport. I always row when I get a chance."
-Farewell to Arms