Dark November water of the lake

[November 17, 1929]

Lavvie Dilweg, Claude Perry and JB (James Bowdoin) said they were going for a walk over to see Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park, take in the bright lights of the big city. It was our last night in Chicago at the end of a two-week stay, tomorrow we would all be on a train to New York. The press corps and the team all traveled together.

"You coming with?" asked JB. "It's a beautiful night."

It was not a beautiful night at all, it was raining. It seemed it had always been raining, but the Packers were on a roll, everyone was on a roll. So we walked in the rain. The rain couldn't hit us.
Lavvie Dilweg is the tallest player on the Packers, towering above everyone at six feet and four inches. He is probably the fastest, also - not the quickest, but top end speed, Lavvie has it.

"You fit right in here in the big city, Lavvie," I said. "You're so damned polished. Bright and tall and fast."

After strolling through the park we stopped by our favorite speakeasy for a few night-caps. The noise in the street on a Saturday night was incessant. There were some pretty young ladies there and we danced. One of them was from Wisconsin, visiting her cousins in the city, she seemed so familiar to me.

"Where do I know you from?" I finally asked.

She shrugged. "My name is Mooney, does that ring a bell?"

It didn't but there was something striking about her. I said I would probably remember a name like that. I asked her if I could take her out for dinner sometime. 

"Sure, mister, you're a pretty good dancer... if the Packers win tomorrow you got yourself a date."
She was a big Packers fan. Her and her cousins had tickets to the game at Comiskey Park.

"Did you hear that Lavvie? Help me out tomorrow! All of these pretty girls are gonna be in the stands!"

Lavvie just smiled. "Sure thing, FG. Sure thing."

It was very late by this point, Mooney and her cousins called it a night. We walked back to the hotel.

And I could not sleep a wink. From my window I could see the rain and the dark November water of the lake.

Game notes from the press box:

Welcome to week nine of the 1929 NFL season. The rain has stopped! Blue skies.

Last Sunday the Packers clobbered the Bears, this week they seek win number nine against the Cardinals (3-4-1).

Hurdis McCrary picks up right where he left off last week, whipping a 25-yard pass to Lavvie Dilweg down the left side-line. That pass was a bullet.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! McCrary threw a beautiful fade into the back corner of the end-zone, and Dilweg snatched it for six.

There's just no way to defend that play. Lavvie gonna win that jump ball every time.

Kick fails, Packers lead 6-0.

Boob Darling has three tackles for a loss in the first half. Cardinals have -45 yards rushing so far. Darling is on the sideline snacking on a pail of fresh smelt.

After three quarters, Packers hold a 6-0 lead. Cardinals now have -60 yards rushing, zero passes completed. The Packers defense will not be moved.

However, the Packers offense has been moving the ball effectively, but they haven't cashed in since the early going. Despite having success on the ground, they keep throwing.

TOUCHDOWN PACKERS! Bo Molenda heaves an eagle of a pass to Lavvie Dilweg. Kick fails, Packers lead 12-0 with just a few minutes to play.

Dilweg showing off his receiving skills this afternoon. Has seven catches for 117 yards and two scores. He confused the defender on that last play using the ol' triple jump route.

GAMEBREAK: Just came in over the wires, the New York Giants defeated the Bears 34-0, improving their record to (8-0-1).

The Packers will improve to (9-0-0) and play in New York next Sunday, in a game that will give one team a clear path to the 1929 NFL Championship.

Packers Book Club quote of the week:

I held the taut line and felt the faint pulsing of the spinner revolving while I looked at the dark November water of the lake and the deserted shore.
-Farewell to Arms