They are who we thought they were

This pebble-eater is in for a rude awakening in the new year.
I'll be the first to admit I under-estimated our rivals to the south this season, but to quote true Packers fans every-where: "The bears still suck." They might have a first-round bye locked up, and I expect them to put up a strong fight on Sunday, but they're not a great team. They might be better than I thought, but they are who we thought they were. The bears have no chance at winning it all this year.

But we do. And we're not letting them off the hook.

I hope Lovie keeps his focus on us instead of the big prize, and I hope he plays the Rabid Poodle and the rest of his starters the entire game. If he does, we'll expose them for the lucky frauds they are, and they'll be one-and-done in the divisional round. Being lucky is great - you get to play half your games against third-string QBs, you get baloney wins after touch-downs are ruled incomplete thanks to a technicality - but luck doesn't last, dear readers, because luck isn't real. You throw off your back-foot enough times and eventually you'll get picked off. You can't walk between the rain-drops for 16 games and expect to stay dry in the play-offs. The Bears are walking into a monsoon this Sunday, and they forgot their ponchos.

Obviously, I am optimistic as always and bordering on over-confident, but there is no nervous-ness in my thoughts. Two weeks in a row the Packers have played stellar football, and I would argue we're coming off our best game of the year, at the perfect time of year. Sunday will be a great day. I'll start it out by doing a few hours of ice fishing with some fine meats in the home crock-pot, then we'll watch the Packers lock down the 6-seed and a trip to Philly, and I'll top it off by accepting our fantasy football league's Championship Trophy. That, dear readers, it a good start to the year.

And it's as it should be. I expect to finish off 2010 in style, and that will carry forward. What are yous doing for New Years Eve? Me and Mooney are going out dancing. We'll be doing all the fancy moves, like the 'bus stop' and the 'Charleston'... and I'm sure we'll get around to a polka or two. May you and yours dance your way into the new year with a smile on your face, and may that smile grow bigger as new years day turns to Sunday, when we knock the bears down a few pegs.

Mark it, folks: Chicago 10 - Green Bay 100. Yeah I said it - 100! Ok, time for my medicine!
Cock-a-doodle-doooo! Until next year, FG