The Freewheelin' F. Gordon: Defense takes us back to Philly

Two seasons in a row we're in the play-offs as a wild-card. Huzzah! Just as I predicted, Lovie played his starters and tried to knock us out ... but he failed. Going to enjoy this win tonight, here's my truncated game notes:

- Happy New Year, dear readers! Let's turn it up early for the first Packers game of 2011!
- The spread is heavily Mexicali today: Tacos, spicy chicken sammies and enchiladas with actual black bear meat! Si!
- Punt, punt, punt-a-roo! This has the physical feel of a play-off game. And it is. Go Pack Go!
- Too nervous to even take notes during the first half, which ends Bears up 3-0. The defense looks great, the offense starting slow and dropping just enough passes to avoid scoring.

- If Lovie is gonna keep the Rabid Poodle in there I'm glad Capers is going to bring the pressure to rough him up. This Walden guy looks fast. He's everywhere. Even Hawk is making plays.
- Capers looks especially menacing in this week's 'booth shot'... Giving me the willies.
- 1st and goal from the 1-foot-line... and it's a field goal. Unacceptable.
- Jennings with another huge catch, but he still can't get in! Killing me! And... Donald Lee finally punches the touch-down ticket! 10-3!!! The way the defense is playing I like our chances.
- The defense is taking us back to Philly today, but the special teams has been better than the Bears, and you can't say that too often.
- Play-offs. Yessir!

That's all I got good-night,