The Freewheelin' F. Gordon: Best win of the year

What a great win, dear readers! That was the best win of the year ... so far, at least. Here are my game notes:

-Playoff football, folks. Let's get a fast start today.
-That commercial showing fan video reactions to the Saints INT return in last year's playoffs is great. Shows the passion fans have for the game.
-TD Jordy... He's got speed ... in open space. There's your fast start.
-TD James Jones. I've got a love/hate relationship with Jordy and James...
-Great catch by Driver, one-handed, going to the ground.
-And there is is... piss poor fumble by Jordy...
-Two big pass plays for each side now... bad blown coverages by both.
-Good response drive! Kuhn TD puts us back up 7. D needs to hold or get a TO here before the half.
-Based on early games and this first half, this just isn't a week for defense. It's a week for offense instead.
-Ah... You gotta catch that INT Collins!!!
- Hot wings featuring Cookies brand hot sauce... Just put final layer of sauce on, will be ready for second half. Lookin' good.
-Good stop .... 30 seconds left and two timeouts left. Push it, McCarthy... PUSH IT!!! Um... Draw play? I am NOT content... But I cheer!

:::Half 21-14:::

-3rd and 2... an early 'big play' here... Bradshaw has his fumble-itus flare up. Bigby with the recovery! Second big takeaway. Heck yeahs.Woodsen is so good with his hands. So quick. The dude makes plays, folks.
-Ack Yordy... right in your hands. Catch it!
-FG for Crosby... Good! Whew. Back up to +10. Turnovers turnedintopoints.
-Nobody points at things with a burger in their hand. That is one a-hole of a father. Meat taunting. Guilty.
-Alright good stop but I really can't stand watching that little rascal kick FGs in Lambeau... Yuck.
-WOW back to back huge catches by Driver and Jennings. Not that's some good receiver-ship.
-And a huge TD from Rodgers to Lee... Great elusiveness by Rodgers. Sharp. +14 again. Ka-boom.
-Hula Raji! Send him to Hawaii!
-Wow CM3 really lit up... CJ Wilson on that third down... And then CM3 with a huge punch-fumble...
It stays in and we got it! Collins with a huge recovery... Bishop swats it back in like a cat! Wow!
Third takeaway! Huge play by several players within seconds. Mind melter. Play of the game. Maybe year.
-Coughlin ain't gonna win that challenge... What a dumb a-hole. Wasting our time.
-The wifey is going crazy with all these Clay slow-mo replays! Ha-cha-cha.
- TV guy: QB's prefer the 'older, broken in balls.' (Hehehehe that's funny)
-James Jones with another bone-headed drop...
-Turdface throws another pick! Sam Shields makes a play. This one is in the books, I think. Let's put a little frosting on the cake, eh? Love that Coughlin can't challenge that ... penalty for stupidity earlier, Tom.
-Receiving TD for Kuuuuuuuhhhhhnnnnn!!!
-I guarantee this is fantastic.
-Next week, Chicago stands in our way to the playoffs... I like our chances.
-Collins with another INT. What a game!
-If Rodgers plays like this every time he wears the new helmet I guess it's not a big deal. Like the sparkles!
-And thanks in part to Greg Jenning's buck-forty in receiving yardage, I won my second fantasy football championship today! What a great day to be alive!!! The prize money and fine whisky trophy are coming back to the Union Mantle!
-Kuhn is a crowd-pleaser, and McCarthy keeps feeding it to #30. Wish I'd of gone to this game! Kind of game that could start a playoff run. En'so it's time for another PBR!
-Was that a 'Bears Still Suck!" chant? I think it was. Well played!

That's all I've got folks, good-night!