Must win, must win in the trenches

Potentially, we get two playoff games at Lambeau Field this season. You heard me, dear readers. With the Giants and the Bears coming to town in weeks 16 and 17, and two wins needed to earn a wild-card position in the actual playoffs, we must win, and to do that, we must win in the trenches. Both the Giants and the Bears have strong defensive fronts, and our losses this season can arguably be traced back to piss-poor play from our offensive line, so that's what I'll be watching closely.

The good news is that the line did a pretty good job protecting Flynn during his first NFL start (on the road), and they also showed good form in the running game. As I wrote after that game, if the line plays like that in weeks 16 and 17, we'll be playing in week 18, too, and hopefully weeks 19, 20 and 22 as well. Of course, we've also seen the line sleep-walk through the Detroit game just a few weeks ago, so who knows what we'll see.

I haven't been lucky enough to see a game in person this year, but I am working on it. These next two should be the ones to see, dear readers. I do expect both games to have the 'playoff atmosphere' so I'm sure they'll be a real hoot. Plus, I do think we'll win them both, so that there's a bonus in your Christmas stocking!

Before I drop my prediction for Sunday, let me make a suggestion for those folks who are doing some last-minute shopping: Give the gift of meat and cheese. Fine meats and cheeses are appreciated by all. You will never find a pack of bacon laying in a box in some-one's attic, people will not return a 10-year-old sharp cheddar. No, people will love you more if you give them meats and/or cheeses. You're welcome!

Back to the game: We haven't started off December very well, but the stars have lined up to give us a path to the playoffs, starting this Sunday at Lambeau. If we can't win here, then we can't win it all. Mark it, folks: Giants 24, Packers 34.

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Until next time, then,