You Shall Not Pass!

As I wrote in my preview column last week, you beat good defense with defense. Can't get more than nine points? Hold'em to less. And so with human brontosaurus Howard Green planted on the line of scrimmage like a mighty fortress from olden tymes, The Puppetmaster commanded his defense to such a performance out in New York, facing one of the league's better teams coming off their bye week.
"You Shall Not Pass!" thundered Dom Capers from above. And they did not pass. And they did not run. And they did not score. And it, dear readers, was glorious in its simplicity.
The Fanatic is prone to over-reaction, as you well know. While I am encouraged by this development, I must remind the old mind to be cautious in interpretation as I sit in this here rocking chair by the wood-burning stove. Feed it another chunk of slow-burning oak and put the coffee to percolating in just the right spot... I've seen this trick before, only to stumble upon a shoot-out the next week.
The coffee starts to bubble in the lid, soaking the ground beans like the fire on my legs with November's creeping chill on the other side of the wall. Maybe I do believe.
It certainly warms my heart to know that Jon Kitna and the pathetic Cowboys are coming to town this weekend, and then our very own bye week, and then it's time to head into the woods for the real hunt. Until next time, then,