At the drop of a hat

Outside of the Division, there is probably no team more hated by Packers fans in recent years than the Dallas Cowboys, who return to Lambeau Field on Sunday night with their season in the balance. A loss in Green Bay will certainly mean the end to a highly anticipated season for Dallas. They are down and hurting som'thing fierce, an' I'm mighty glad we're the team that gets to put them down for good this season. We oughta smack 'em in the mouth at the drop of a hat and end it real quick-like. And then keep after them, chasin' 'em all the way back the dusty trail them came up on.

If the Vikings game was a tipping point, and the Jets game was validation, the Cowboys game – in front of a national audience – is a chance to assert authority for the second half of the season. Yeah yeah, we're well beyond half-way, but I'm referencing the abstract half-way, marked by the late and much-needed bye week. For all the positives of the last two weeks, we are still hobbled like a turkey wearing turtle-neck, and the most important games are yet to come.

I'm not so worried about the offense on Sunday. I have all the confidence in Ronnie Rodgers and his posse to get back in sync against the lacka-daisical Dallas D. Although the numbers haven't been so explosive this young season, #12 has shown a mental tough-ness, and a knack for patience that can be frustrating on Sundays but more impressive over time. He'll get right, and like I said above, I'd bet my finest belt-buckle we hit a big play of some sort early on that'll rattle the opposition. And then the stampede'll be on. Gitty-up!

What intrigues me more, is whether The Puppet-master's defense can keep up the solid play shown since the October Full Moon. I really wish I could be there in person on Sunday to see Matthews hunt Jon Kitna under the lights.

Before we head up to the cabin for the weekend, I'll leave you with two bold predictions: BJ Raji will end up doing a Lambeau Leap on Sunday, and the Packers will win by 20! Mark it: Cowboys 10, Packers 30. Have a dandyuva weekend, Dear Readers! Until next time, then,