Stress-free relaxtion

Most folks don't spend large portions of their free time on things that stress them out, but that's often the case with Packer Backers. I devote a big slice of my week to 'research and development' for the blog, and that's the fun part – even when things aren't going so well you can always find reasons for optimism. But come gameday, I get real wound up. Even in victory, I often end up with head-aches or other forms of nervous ills. Pretty much any close game I end up clutching the edge of my rocking chair and chewing on pebbles until my molars hurt. The Packers are a very bad habit. What do you call it when the thing you love is the thing that is killing you from within?
My doctor says, F. Gordon, you gotta take up water-color painting or join a choir, and I tell 'em, Doc, that's just me. I'm intense whether I'm building a campfire or getting the mail. I'm like a cork trying to hold back the bubbles, Doc.
So it's really, really enjoyable to have a game like the Cowboys win once in a while. By the middle of the first quarter the stress of gameday was melting away and by half-time every-one at Cousin Walter's house was polka dancing, and by the fourth quarter we were in a state of bliss pure as a Class A Trout Stream. I was actually able to sleep soundly, rather than listening to my ticker thumpin' like hoot owl.
I look forward to extending this stress-free relaxation into the bye week, dear readers. 

Things I refuse to stew over:
- I was sad to hear Al Harris had been released, but business is business, so why get sore?
- So the Vikings and the Bears had come-back wins. So what? At least that'll keep Chilly around a bit longer. The longer he's coach the better. A real clown car up there full of pebble-eaters and round-heads.
- Falling leaves.
- The Bears-Vikings game next weekend. Bunch of ne'erdowells!

Alright I gotta go take a nap. Wake me up when week 11 starts,