In search of wiiiiinnnnnssss

The wounded, staggering but standing, victory-craving Green Bay Packers travel to New York City this Halloween for a pivotal mid-season battle. Like a zombie in constant search of brains, this team, dear readers, will keep staggering forward no matter how many no-names they have to plug into the game-day line-up. I'm convinced they have that drive after watching youngsters BJ Raji and CJ Wilson grind out nearly every snap on the defensive line en route to victory over the hated Vikings.
The offensive line, on the other hand, is one of the few areas where injuries haven't completely wrecked the roster this season, and they too held up admirable under the bright lights. Bulaga and Clifton played a helluva game, in particular, often without help in pass protection. Line-men are the zombies of a football team, and on this Halloween weekend I'd like to give them some much-deserved praise. Snap after snap, they push forward, determined to win the battle in the trenches... thirsty, so thirsty for wiiiinnnnssss.
If we have any shot of eating the brains of victory in New York against the talented Jets, we'll have to hold our own on the line. The Jets are a team that runs and stops the run well. While I'm sure the Ewok and/or John Kuhn will have trouble pounding the rock, I am equally concerned about the passing attack. The Jets have one of the top two defenses in the league. Points will be hard to come by, but Rodgers should find a way to break through.
The key, I think, will be how well we stifle their offense. You beat good defense with defense, so Raji and Wilson and whoever else they find to plug in there will need to force the Jets into the air. If they get going on the ground it's gonna be a long, long day. Our zombies must clobber their zombies.
And since it's gonna be a close one, so far as I can tell, special teams will also prove pivotal, and that, dear readers, scares me more than the thought of zombies.
Everything is pointing against us: The AFC is 'vastly superior', say the experts, the Jets are healthy and coming off their bye week, at home. We don't stand a chance but for some reason I have faith.
While last week was a tipping point for the team, this ominous weekend is a potential momentum-builder. Beating the Vikings was crucial, but feasting on the big-mouthed, highly-touted Jets would trigger additional confidence and hunger for wiinnss. And wins, like brains, only make the monster stronger as he marches on.
Mark it, folks: Packers 20 - Jets 17.
Until next time, then,