Relief in Wisconsin

I couldn't find the right word to describe the relief I felt - that we all felt - upon defeating the hated Vikings and Grandpa Pervert on Sunday night. Couldn't find the words on Monday or Tuesday, either. And just as I - a life-long lover of language - could not accurately describe my state of mind with words, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. This pure sense of satisfaction was apparent in just about everyone I encountered so far this week. Every-one permeated joy! Now three days removed, I think that's the best way to say it.
We did it! Eyes glowed. I felt like hugging strangers, like pumping iron, like making triumphant goose noises while flapping my arm-wings. Ho-oonk! Gooo Pack Goooooo!!!
I couldn't sleep all through Sunday night, playing that Desmond Bishop inter-ception and touch-down over and over in my internal video device, fighting the urge to cheer wildly every time. When the sun rose on Monday I strolled out on the back porch in my Packers pajamas and let out a thundering victory 'Whoooop!' I attempted to replicate Greg Jennings double-post move and a squirrel fell out of a nearby tree.
And then the winds arrived from the west, winds of change, wiggling sheds all across glorious Wisconsin yards, clattering windows, singing sweetly: "We shook that monkey off our back and kicked it down a well, oh yes we did!" The Barometer sunk to a new record low on Tuesday, bringing the atmosphere closer to our hearts than it has been since the storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald. Bless those 29 souls, but life is good. I like big storms despite their danger.
So we're back on top of the NFC North and it's only a matter of time until the Bears slip away (how did we lose that one?). The conference championship is no sure thing, but it's looking pretty good, despite the mounting injuries. Hopefully this is a start towards a fine second half of the season, and although the youngsters that held down the defensive line did so heroically, hopefully these filthy winds displace wounds with good health. 

What else?
- The recipe I used for the hot wings was my favorite yet, but I will credit the night game, since it allowed me more time to bake them some-what dry.
- Rodgers looked terrible in some spots, but made big throws when he needed too, finally winning a close game that meant oodles to the Green and Gold. 
- While laying awake on Sunday night I came up with my Halloween costume: Zombie Train Engineer. Simple. Spooky. For you younger readers, a train was a mode of transportation we used between horses and motorized buggies.
- My wife Mooney has a healthy obsession with Clay Matthews (who doesn't?), and we chatted about having her do a short blog post each week on all things CM3. Call it some-thing like "Mooney's Matthews Minute." This week's post, like many, would be titled: "Why are they holding him on every play!?! Why don't the refs call it?!?!" It's a good question, but at least they called it when it counted most on Sunday.
- Aside from Clay, Tramon Williams has been playing some stellar defense. He is one of the most important players on our team. I would like to see him signed to an extension, Pronto!
- Pat Lee is a terrible kick returner, but he's far superior to Yordy. Sorry, Yordy

Until next time, then,