That's Not Legal

Hey get a load of this sack o' baloney, Dear Readers:
The Packers "set" a franchise record for penalties with 18 of 'em that cost us 152 yards and a handful of big plays that would have changed the game dramatically. The Bears? Five penalties for 38 yards.Angels, I guess.

Look, I'm not gonna make excuses for a horribly sloppy game that certainly included a pile of hiccups, but those refs were paid for by the Chicago Mob. It was as obvious as Jay Cutler's rabid-poodle ancestry! You might make those flag-happy refs piss their little trousers, but you don't scare me, mobsters. Exposed!

Well that was one of the most disgusting games I've ever watched and I don't want to say any-a-thing more than that. Give me a day or two and I'll move ahead to Detroit.
Until then,