Crop circles and muskie-net hands

I have a crop circle in the back-yard, dear readers. Have I been visited by tiny, big-brained humans from the future? Neh! I have emptied the kiddie pool! You will remember that I thunk it a good idea to set up a ten-footer over the summer. Well, me and Mooney ended up using it quite a bit through mid-July, but then the novelty wore off and we ended up with a giant petri dish - complete with a wide variety of bizarre organisms. Then the Packers started and I just ignored it for a while. Then after we whomped the Bills on Sunday I figured I should finally take care of business.

I swooped down in my flying saucers and said to the people of KiddiePool, "You are all doomed like the Bills of Buffalo! Prepare to die!!!"

By Monday morning the pool was in the pick-it-up truck on it's way to the dump, and I had a crop circle in my yard. I blame this Sunday-after-noon productivity on the Packers kicking the snot out of the Bills, which resulted in a much-lower-than normal stress level for a Game Day.
Game notes
- So I'm pretty sure Jermichael Finley's hands are just two big muskie nets. It's just amazing how effort-less he makes it look. We're all gonna have a lot of fun watching him burn linebackers and and safeties to the ground over the next decade.

- Another youngster that has been impressing me (and us all, I'm sure) is Morgan Burnett. That interception he grabbed in the second quarter was a real whiz-bang of a play.

- Here's a thought on coaches' challenges: Half of them, or more, are stupidly wasted. Come'on, McCarthy - you don't have some-one watching the replay in the booth? Lord almighty! And worst of all, we've gotta watch more commercials while the zebras figure out how to mangle the call further. Hum-bug!

- What can you say? Clay Matthews is heroic.A mechanical Tasmanian devil!

- Mooney's stew deserves a special mention. Wowzie!

- Nick Barnett has also been playing pretty damned good this season, too. The Vampire in the Middle pulled out a new move on Sunday. Did you see it, dear readers? The bow and arrow. He must be a deer-hunter.
Or maybe he's a bear-hunter. Suddenly we find ourselves heading to Chicago for a match-up of un-defeated NFC North Rivals. Say, we better pound the run game a little bit better under the lights. And on defense, we've gotta watch out for the quick passes. I'm guessing the puppet-master, Matthews, Barnett and Woodsen will have a few surprises in store for Dopey-faced Cutler. I think the Bears are a sham 2-and-O, and the Packers defense is gonna control this game as if the Bears where a bunch of amoebas in a kiddie pool.

But when the pool is emptied, and summer gives way to fall and the Professional Football Season, what-ever should an old fellow do with a perfect circle of dead grass - neh, Opportunity! - out back? I have a mind-blowing plan to land-scape in a Packers helmet, using tulips and mosses common and strange.

Well, tell ya what, folks. It's getting mighty late and I've got some rocking-chair time and a good book calling, so let's wrap this up. Mark it, Packers 20 - Bears 6.

Until next time, then.