Toast and Jam

I've been wandering around in the St. Croix Scenic Riverway for a week, without an internet connection portal, so my apologies for the lack of updates following our wonderful and nerve-wracking victory over the Eagles in week one. A road victory to start the season may be sweet, dear readers, but not nearly so as the fine and pure waters of the Namekagon River! Huzzah!!!

Me and the fellows planned on a two-nighter, but let me tellya, life on the river is something every-one should immerse them-selves in at least once a year. I caught so many damned smallies and red-horse that my hook-set arm is sore. I heard wolves and coyotes around the camp-fire. I drank wine out of a bag (the box was burned on night #2). Any-ways, that trip is in my 'Top Tier' and we had the opportunity to extend the fun so I said, ah heck-with the blog, let's keep going down-stream! So we did.

I'm back now (for the most part) (the river does take a toll, or perhaps my existence is some-how partially stuck in the Jack-pines at this moment).

My soul may be stuck in another time, but here's some quick thoughts on the Eagles win:

Sticking with the sticky theme, my favorite audible of the week came in the third quarter on the John Kuhn run touch-down drive. Mid-field. Aaron Rodgers (paraphrasing): "Sticky... STICKY... STICKY JAM!!!" Result: Perfect laser strike to Jermichael Finley down the right seam. Sticky Jam. Pefect on some of Mooney's home-oven bread.

The Red Masher punted pretty well in his debut. Hell, I owe the whole special teams unit and - especially - poor Jordy Nelson an apology. Jordy actually made a few plays for once. A new chapter, or an abberation? We'll see. For now, I'm bumping the STs up a few notches on the Union Index (>).

Wearing my brand-spankn-new Greg Jennings jersey, I really enjoyed watching that grace-ful touch-down grab to go up by 17! Helped me win my fantasy match-up, too!

Losing General Grant will hurt more than some think, but we'll be OK, I think. Let's see what you've really got, Jackson...

Finally, I never liked that Dog Murderer ever since he gashed us in the playoffs with those blasted legs, but then I found out he's a shit-headed dog murderer, so let's just say I'm not cheering for him any week of the season, or in life. I'm assured Karma will handle this. But I did have some nervous moments in the fourth quarter. They should've just 'contained him' and forced him to throw. Easier said than done, sure, but stop chasing him out of the pocket! Form a fence! Dog Murderer cannot beat you with the arm!


So what about this week? Well, I took the Packers on my parley ticket, so I think that says a lot. The home-opener shouldn't be close, folks. Like a wolf howling in the wilder-ness of north-western Wisconsin, I boldly say: Mark it - Bills 10, Packers 38.

Until next time, then,