Owls hunt when it's nasty out

Don't worry, folks, I've still got a blasted head-ache from Monday night, and I'm not going to say much more about that dread-ful evening, but lots of fans are making a big stink about the lack of a running game. Lookey-here: That ain't the reason we lost.

And I wouldn't be so quick to say we can't run - it's more that we just didn't try. McCarthy has done this before. There are just certain games where the running attack is - largely - pulled from the plan. Monday night was one of them games. On the few plays they did hand it off, though, the offensive line looked pretty rotten, as did the blocking of our tight-ends. Ryan Grant wouldn't have done much better with that kind of blocking, dear readers. So, yes, it needs work, but the running game is not doomed. I am waaay more skittish about the pass blocking skills of our linemen as of today.

My top three concerns heading into week four are, in order: 1 The Offensive Line, 2 Special Teams, 3 Penalties. Some things, they never'a change!

Even if we never get the running game going, we still have a shot at the Super Bowl. Several teams in recent memory have won or come damned-close with a pass-heavy attack. Does this optimism shock you, reader? Shouldn't an old-timer like me be the one harping about the need for a punishing ground attack? Well, I even surprise myself some-a-times. Some things, they never'a change, but most things do. Take that to the wisdom-bank.

I remember sitting around the camp-fire with Grandpa Union back in the 1800s - these were the days before electricity and fancy internets - and he had this spooky saying that always terrified us little-ones. Gramps would stoke the fire and look up at the stars, and he'd say with approval: "Owl are remarkable creatures. They hunt in the night, and they even hunt when it's nasty out." Maybe the admiration was towards an un-conventional approach, or the beauty of an alpha predator filling its niche in the cycle of life. Or maybe Gramps found inspiration in the tough-ness of it all, or maybe he was just trying to scare us little ones. I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, and maybe he was just being observational, but I read more into that these days.

Here's my take: The owl hunts in the dark, even when it's nasty out, because that's what gives the owl the greatest advantage. And there is beauty in that simplicity, dear readers. Be who you are.

By the time the Bears pay us a visit, I think nature will have the standings better sorted. While the Bears can thank the zebras for two of their three wins, they are still a more formidable team than the Lions, who we welcome this weekend, minus their starting QB and half-back. Sorry, Detroit, but you've got no chance in this one, as the Pack will bounce back with some noticeable swagger.

Tell you rascals what, this is the last day of inland trout season and my favorite stretch of stream is calling out for a visit, so I'm gonna go oblige her. Mark it, folks: Lions 6 - Packers 31.
Until next time, then,