A Certified Hunter

Looking back on my notes from week four, I am surprised to see most of them are relating to the Packers Defense, since they gave up 26 points to the blasted Lions and I was complaining all four quarters about the lack of a pass rush. I mean come on, folks, that back-up had all day to throw and he did!

Before I give out the praise for a bigger-than-it-should've-been victory, three questions for creepy Puppet-master Dom Capers: What in the heck is up with this lousy three-man rush on third-and-longs? Third and goal from the 21, and no pressure. Touch-down. Boooo. You're giving me the nervous-nesses, Dom! And, do you plan on covering that running-back check-down route any-time soon?

And how about that offense? Gee-whiz. We got out-gained and out-possessed by the De-Troit Lions! Wow. I guess it's hard to put up points when the Worst Kick Returner in the League keeps fumbling, though. Final complaint: We've gotta have a better option that Jordy Nelson. I'm begging you, Mike, sign some-one or just put Tramon back there. Ack.

We were hoping to enjoy a care-free thumping, but it ended up being another nail-biter and an important divisional win that we had to have. You know, I like fritos and sour cream in my chili, but you folks know I'd eat a bowl of chili if the frito-pantry was empty. So we're up to three wins. Pass the hot-sauce. Here's what I liked:

-Clay Matthew continues to impress. Favorite quote of the broad-cast, after CM3 got yet another sack: (Linebacker's coach) "Kevin Greene says he's a certified hunter." Agreed.
-Speaking making plays, rookie Mike Neal forced a fumble with a quick punch move in his first game of the season (Ryan Pickett got the recovery).
-BJ Raji has stayed healthy and made a huge leap in his second year on the defensive line.
-Woodsen deserves mention, as usual, but Tramon is having a great campaign opposite #21. Noted.
-We're not a good running team, obviously, but we ran when we had to at the end. I'll take that, even against the Lions. Third and seven, convert to win, and Kuhn flies to victory. Clapclapclap.
-Even though we couldn't do anything in the second half, Rodger's touch-downs to The Big Cheese and Greg Jennings were both auto-smilers. Jaw-droppers. Reeaaaaal beauties.
-Cullen Jenkins, sporting the Massive Club of Destruction, showed off some fancy moves I recognized from the dancing-clubs back in my younger years. Ha-cha-cha.
Late AD:
-My buddy Silly Deen reminded me of another great call from the game, which I will paraphrase: Open is a relative term for Rodgers. Perfect.

Well it looks like Chicago's poodle-back is concussed and this game is putting me to bed. Hope the Giants knock this entire Bear's team down a notch. Good night, then, dear readers,