Smart Strong Safety

You can find lots of mock drafts out there, and for the most part, they're a bunch of baloney. For instance, I read today that of all the 'experts' out there, the best anyone did last year was predicting 9 first round picks correctly. Out of 32. So with that in mind, there's little sense is getting overly invested in one player. I'd much rather spend my pre-draft time working in the yard, but that doesn't mean I ignore draft prospects altogether. I enjoy looking for treasures as much as the next NFL fanatic.

I have previously written about how much I like RB Dexter McCluster, possibly as a second round selection... Maybe a third. He's something special.

Another kid I like a bunch is strong safety Myron Rolle, who we could get in the fourth or fifth round. Now, Atari Bigby is a legitimate talent at that position, and I fully expect him to be the starter in 2010, along-side Pro Bowler Nick Collins, but if the playoff loss to the Cardinals proved anything, it's that we lacked depth in the secondary, and I am sure Creepy Ted will look to address that later this week.

Rolle is both a quality football prospect and a really smart kid, and that, strangely enough, is the reason we might be able to grab him in the later rounds. You see, Rolle graduated from Florida State a year early and decided to accept a prestigious Rhodes Scholar position at Oxford University rather than play his final season. So yeah, he will eventually end up becoming a brain surgeon after his football career ends, and that, dear readers, is a bad thing according to the 'experts'. Myron is probably the smartest player in the draft, and because he has interests and talents beyond stuffing the run or shellacking receivers, experts question his value in the NFL. I even read one report saying he might suffer from 'thinking too much'.

To borrow a phrase from younger generations, Whatever.

Creepy Ted values smarts, and so do I. You know what is not smart? Blowing assignments left and right, allowing Kurt Warner to shred your secondary on crossing routes all God-damned day long... Pardon my profanity, dear readers.

Had Myron stayed at Florida State for his final year of eligibility rather than studying brain surgery and visiting alien ruins in England (see picture above), he likely would have gone in the first or second round, meaning he'll provide smarts, talent and extremely great value to whoever grabs him in the later rounds. If it's not Creepy Ted and the Packers, I expect another well-run franchise to select this outstanding prospect. I see great things for this kid, hopefully in Green and Gold.

Until next time, then,