I like saying 'Dexter McCluster'

You won't find much 'draft chatter' on this site, cause frankly, even the 'experts' on this subject are full of baloney. If they don't know what is going on, how should I? I've got better things to do, like fishing for spring crappies, cleaning the garage, and getting my tomatoes going.

That said, I hope we draft RB Dexter McCluster, who could go in rounds two or three. Why? Well, he's a dangerous weapon that could compliment our pass-happy offense, and I really really like saying 'Dexter McCluster.' And I would totally buy a new McCluster jersey.

I also like saying 'Sergio Kindle' but not nearly as much as 'McCluster'... And the best part of this post, dear readers? It is every bit as important and accurate as any other 'draft prognostication' you might find any-where else. Have fun with it. Say 'McCluster' to your friends this week. Yell it at strangers in the grocery store!

Until next time, then,