Prediction: And with the 23rd pick...

... The Green Bay Packers select:
Charles Brown, Offensive Left Tackle of the Future, USC.
(Wild Applause)
Creepy Ted Thompson grins sinisterly.

Well I've talked about a few players in the last week or so, a few good kids that might make the Green Bay Packers a better team in 2010. If this tremendous monster of a tackle is selected as the personal body guard of Ronnie Rodgers for the next decade, I'll be pleased as punch.

Let's face it, folks. Rodgers is the player that will lead this team to playoff victories, and maybe one day a Superr Bowl, and he can't do that if he keeps getting hit like he did in 2009. I'd say more, but what's the point. It's as simple as that. Welcome to the team, Charles. Shoot me an email and we'll go out muskie fishing some-time.

Until next time,