FG's Draft Room

Well I am excited for the first 'Prime Time' draft, as they say.
While I try and avoid getting too caught up in the mock-drafting-hoopla, I must, as a Packers fan, give the draft a bit more weight. So long as Creepy Ted is in charge, this is where we must build the team, and we have more invested in these selections. I like to focus more on the actual picks once they're made, so we have some-thing real to discuss, but that doesn't mean we can have some fun and make a few predictions in the mean-time. This year, with the 23rd pick, I am a bit split, so I've just gone ahead and made a Plan A and Plan B prediction, one for each side of the ball. And I've also focused on two other players I'd like to see as later-round selections, here and here. Enjoy, dear readers, and stop back during and after the draft often for updated reaction, poetry, and additional tid-bits and this-n-thats, and draft-day cocktails all week-end long! One final thing, my grandson Ike has been doing a nice job with the Twitter, or at least that's what he tells me, and you can make sure to get links to new draft stuff on MPU and other relevant Packer and draft tweets by following him, here. -FG