Same OLD Story

When it matters most, a Saints DB picks off #4 in the NFC Championship .

There's the Old What's His Name I remember: Classic Playoff Brett.

I don't mean to gloat, dear readers, but I am certainly relieved he won't be leading the Vikings to the Super-Bowl. He had me tricked once again, and I am pleased to think about Vikings fans feeling that pain this evening. I know EXACTLY how they feel, and frankly, I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Biggest spot of the season and - there you go - That's why he's the King of Interceptions and poor decisions. He may be one of the best regular season QBs ever, but like a skipping record, history seems to repeat itself year after year in the playoffs.

The kids on Twitter are citing an interesting factoid this evening: Favre's final passes with the Falcons, Packers and Jets were intercepted, and it now appears the old psychopath is destined to end his career with a horrible turnover.

Yeah. Sure. It will NEVER end.

While I am relieved and ecstatic that the Vikings will yet again fail to win it all, I have to admit I enjoyed the game. It was a classic playoff game, well-contested on both sides, and Old What's His Name showed why he is one of the greats. If it weren't for him that team would never have gone that far. I do admire the heart, dear readers. Always have.

But if you saw the post-game press conference you also saw why signing him was such a gamble by the Vikings. The man is Old and his face looked like a tenderized steak. The gamble came up short and now the question leaps back onto the table. And until it is answered the franchise is held hostage. He's their head-ache now.

And I am soooo glad I don't have to worry about that as a Packer fan any longer. I know right now what next fall holds and the future looks bright. The future looks very bright for many years to come.


I am really looking forward to the Super-Bowl between the two top seeded teams in the playoffs. It should be a dandy. Check back later this week for my prediction column. Until then,