He's the best

I was listening to my AM Radio this morning, and the question was posed: Who would you rather have, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? That's pretty easy, folks. I'd take Ronnie Rodgers!

But I joke. While you could make the case that Rodgers will be really good, or that Drew Brees is right up there with Tom and Peyton, there's just no argument. Peyton Manning is the greatest quarter-back in the league right now, and he certainly going to be one of the top signal-callers in history by the time he is ready to retire. Aside from his skills as a field general, he's also a player-coach hybrid in many respects. Back in the day this was more common. My uncle Ulysses coached his own high school team and even benched him-self for 'turkey-brained behavior' one game, according to the family legend. The game was different back then.

Manning, like old uncle Ulysses, is really some-thing when it comes to quarter-back-manship. I'll be cheering for him on Sunday. He stands for everything that is good about the game of foot-ball, dear readers. What else can I say?

As of Thursday afternoon, Manning and the Colts are giving 5 points and I would take that bet, if I were a betting man. The local sports-bookery also has this interesting wager available: Over under deluxe buffalo chicken drum-sticks consumed during the Super Bowl by F.G. Union - 14. If you see this line I'd advise you to take the over, folks. If they are listing chicken wings, rather than drum-sticks, take the over on anything up to 57 or so... Like the Finer Manning, I am a Chef-Consumer Hybrid when it comes down to the final two-minute drive, so if you were to walk into my living-room you may over-hear this exchange:

Me, staring down the pan of smoldering hot wings, buffalo sauce stains on my bibbed over-alls, pointing to a really saucy-lookin' chunk of chicken -
"Watch that wing now! HOT ROUTE! (Waving to seating area) Habeneros! Z-slide Looo-eeesiana!...
Hut-hu... 44. 44 Celery! Crunchy! Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese, BLUE! 44!!!
NapKIN! NapKIN! Hut-hut-HUT!"

Then I'd put six more wings on the plate and be back in my seat before the hot sauce could even contemplate my protection schemes, much less my plan of attack, which was an audible dipping route designed to expose their lack of Habeneros. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

Anyways, I like the Colts by a dozen, the over on the wings consumed, and I'm guessing we'll see at least one commercial featuring a whale and/or whale song and/or talking krill. Take 'em to the bank, dear readers!
Until next time, then,