Rare gems

Are you still hurting, dear readers? I know, going into this weekend, I still am. Will be for a long time, too. That was one tough cookie of a loss. Like thinking you're grabbing a blue-gill out of the pond and getting your paw ripped off by a snapping turtle...

Now where'in'tha'hell did you come from you dirty rascal?!?!

I've read, as I'm sure many of you have, plenty of 'expert' commentary on 'what went wrong' in the desert this week. Plenty of it hits the mark; some is just silly-ness. I haven't really moved from my initial reaction, though, that they had their chances to win it, despite a defense that had no business in the playoffs. Why analyze it more than that, folks? We lost. Only time will make me feel better about it, not some equation on blitz percentage or crying about the refs.

That said, I think what most people are missing in the near-term is appreciation for just being there, and for being part of one of the most amazing games in playoff foot-ball.

We, dear readers, witnessed a rare gem last week. We enjoyed (for the most part) the regular season ups and downs that led us to that point. We enjoyed (with white knuckles), the four quarters of offensive fire-works on that wild-card field. And we enjoyed, I hope, the big picture of this season much more than the fluky finale. Some-times Packers fans' dedication can turn a person inside-out when it don't go right, and most seasons that's just how it goes.

Am I right? Of course.

I'm not asking you to rush your-selves through the anger of defeat. I'm not there myself. Maybe by June or July, when the sun burns it from my brains. But when we do come to terms with reality, and we will, I assure you, let us remember that game not for the failures and heart-breaks, no, but for the positives.

Say it with me, folks:
Ronnie Rodgers!
Jermichael Finley!
Greg Jennings!
Ryan Grant!
Charles Woodsen!
Nick Collins!

I always say that the team comes before the individual, but just look at the young foundation (well, aside from Woodsen) this team is built on. This rare gem of a game was nothing if but a glimpse as to the brilliance of the near-term future, and that's some-thing to smile about on a gloomy day.

Until next time, then.