Yelling at the television set (Wild-card)

• In the three biggest games of the year, our vaunted #2-ranked defense has looked like leaky wooden row-boat in the face of a senior-citizen quarterback. You aren't gonna win too many playoff games when you give up a first down on almost every defensive snap.
• In two of McCarthy's first three play-off games, the team has come out of the gate like a dead horse. Against Seattle and the Cardinals, we started the game with two fast turn-overs resulting in a 0-14 score.
• Ronnie Rodgers is going to be a very talented QB for many years to come if he can stay healthy, but he missed two dagger touch-down passes to Greg Jennings yesterday, including one on the first play of OT that should have ended the game. I've grown to respect and admire Rodgers this season, and he played his heart out yesterday, but you've got to make those plays.
• Hard to accept losing two playoff games in a row in Over-time. I am sick today.
• Maybe in hind-site, we were simply a middle-of-the-road team this year that had an amazing turn-over differential. The turn-over well dried up on Sunday, and our offense had some un-characteristic mistakes, and that, in a close game, was too much to over-come.
• I hate Mondays.

Until next time, then,