Yelling at the Television Set (Ram-Horns)

I may have been seeing things, but was that
BJ Raji covering a WR early against the Ram-Horns?

OK, time for
Things I Yelled At The Television Set
• "This stupid McDonalds tail-gating guy commercial is wrong on about 18 different levels, chief among them that Nobody Brings McDonalds to a tail-gate party!"
• "Didn't Kyle Boller kill us a few years back when he was with the Ravens? It's too bad Bulger got hurt!"
• "We should've driven the Pick-It-Up truck down to The Show Me State with some Angus Burgers and an accordion!"
• "A blocked Field Goal? I haven't seen one of those since the first Great Depression!"
• "BJ Raji was playing corner-back! Did anyone see that?!? Dom! Holy smokes!"