Finally, a road win

It's been a long, long while since the Packers won a road game, going back until the middle of last season. The Ram-Horns might not be in the "quality road win" category, but at least I wasn't still clutching the arms of my rocking-chair at the end of the fourth quarter. This, dear readers, was a welcome change. I don't care if we were beating up on the Lions (who finally broke the streak!) or Calgary Stampeders.

As we were waiting for kick-off I said to Cousin Walter, "McCarthy better get a win today or the winds of change will really start blowing in Wisconsin."

So it's pretty darn windy out there today, but I guess they are not the winds of change. Perhaps these gusts are coming from all the hot-air heading towards the Wisconsin-Minnesota border from the yakkity-yaks in the national media. See, my big planter of hardy mums just went scootin' past the back door! And there goes my largest cooler! How the heck did that get out of the shed? Oh dear. The shed door blew open! These are clearly signs of an approaching low-pressure system. Hurricane Whats-His-Name and Typhoon Ted Thompson are on the move, folks.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us have a look back at what is flying high as a kite and what has gotten blown into the over-head electricity wiring.

Boy oh boy, I was really nervous as skinny cat at the start of the game, especially after Ronnie Rodgers took a few bad sacks and seemed stuck in a zombie-trance. He totally missed Greg Jennings for a touch-down on the left-hand side-line and didn't seem able to find any-one open. Clearly, he was worried about his protection. But he eventually got it going, and that all seemed to hinge on the mind-blowing one-handed catch by Donald Driver. After that play, all seemed better in the passing game. Driver had a big day, top to bottom, and that's something we needed from the veteran, especially with Jennings bothered by a gimpy wrist.

The running game seemed to improve a bit in the fourth quarter, but that was just ugly for most of the day. McCarthy may call that 'zone blocking' but it looks to this old columnist that our linemen are simply all running towards one specific zone and creating a massive pile of bodies. Then Ryan Grant runs into the pile and falls over for a half-yard gain. Some plan. I know they are trying to incorporate more power-blocking elements into the zone scheme this year, but it honestly looks like a big tub of guinea pigs trying to get at a hunk of cheese. Me and Cousin Walter are starting to wonder whether or not Ryan Grant is any good, but this line would probably make Paul Hornung look bad, so it's hard to say for certain. Still, there were a few sarcastic remarks about Grant's "terrifying speed-burst" from our usual crew on Sunday, and there not been much to be impressed with.

The defense once again made the opposing running back look really good with big running lanes and poor tackling, but in the end they held their own against the lowly Ram-Horns, despite two lousy touch-downs by Kyle Boller to a formerly reclusive and unknown tight end. Chuck Woodsen may have his best season ever, notching another interception, and Johnny Jolly just keeps making plays. I was glad to see Desmond Bishop get in there and have an immediate impact. That kid is a real bang-tail, folks. He's a difference maker.

Before I wrap this column up, I need to add a special comment on the fine menu we had at our pot-luck smorgasbord, anchored by my sweet wife Mooney's special jumbo-pot chili. I often include comments about what we were eating during the game, because for me and many other Packers fans, the spread is one of the best parts about game-day. Football and the "Sunday Hungries" are meant to be together. Anyways, between six people we managed to offer the following dishes: Fresh donuts with chocolate milk and coffee, sloppy joes, Mooney's famous chili with fritos, and peanut-butter pudding pie. I always say watching the Packers will give me a heart attack...

Well I better go hunt down all the stuff blowing out of the shed, folks. Ike and I will have lots of bonus coverage this week with the big Monday Night Game on the horizon, so check back at meatpackersunion.com often! Until next time then,