Bring on the Bears

The Packers took on their first and only true test of the pre-season, Friday night, and they quickly dismantled the defending NFC Champion Cardinals. I was hooting and clapping so much you would have thought I was at a premier Organ Concert or a barn-dance.

First team versus first team, the Green and Gold were in complete control during the first half. You'd think I'd be cheering for a fellow senior citizen like Kurt Warner, but I sure let loose when they sacked that old fart, especially when he fumbled the ball from his gloved hand.

One of my favorite moments of the game came when Aaron Allan Kampman snatched up a loose Warner fumble and galloped into the end-zone for an exclamation point of a touch-down, and then started pumping his arms in the air like a wild goose. I looked up and realized I was doing the same thing with my arms, running around the coffee table in my slippers. I had to laugh at that! Old Cousin Walter was doing the same thing. Neither of us thought to pump our arms in the air - it just happened naturally.

Humans are funny animals. So are squirrels. More on that later...

I wonder if there is something in our DNA that makes guys pump their arms like that? Maybe our old cave-man ancestors who did the Victory Arm Pump were more attractive to the lady cave-dwellers than those who did the Victory Jumping Jack, thus passing the move on to us Packers fans through natural selection. Just think, Aaron Allen Kampman and I probably share a common cave-dwelling Mastodon Hunter. How neat is that?

The defense was pretty slick as a whole. How about all them turn-overs? Jeepers!

The top-line defense has played a dozen possessions as a unit so far, and in that time they've recovered five fumbles, a pair of interceptions, forced three punts, allowing only one field goal and one - ONE - touchdown. As my wife Mooney says: Not too shabby!

Is it really August or have we jumped into a time-warp here? I had to close the windows last night it was so damned frigid out-side.

Compared with some of the other games I've seen, the Green and Gold looks to be in mid-season form while every-one else is still trying to tie their boot-laces and get the snap count down. Huuuuut HUT! Even our penalties have been checked, to a degree. This, my dear readers, is not August Football.

Ronnie Rodgers had 3 passing scores, and he should've had four. He is just playing out of his mind right now.

But, you know, I don't mind. 11 and 5 isn't looking so silly any-more, is it?

We held out annual Fantasy Football draft on Saturday, and of course Aaron Rodgers went in the first round after his performance in the desert. I think he would have gone first round regardless, since everyone in our league is a die-hard Packers fan to a crazy degree. Even Jordy Nelson got drafted in the 15th round! Don't worry, I don't plan on writing extensively about my adventures in fantasy football again this year. Who wants to hear about some-thing that is not really real on a week-to-week basis anyways? I don't give you my weekly bowling scores, do I? When it comes to fantasy football, I'm no expert anyways. I do stand behind my statement that playing fantasy football gives you a good excuse to dive head-long into the 'NFL-Crazy Pool.' I know things about the Miami Dolphins depth chart that no sane person should know. Did you know that the 49ers have one of the easiest schedules in the league? They do. The Packers schedule is pretty soft as well.

I didn't get Rodgers. I had to cover my eyes and grab Matt Forte later in the round. I don't like the idea of 'owning' a Bear's RB, but he's going to have a great year, let's be honest. I like my squad this year. Hopefully half my starters don't get injured by the end of week 2 again this season. Hopefully Matt Schaub lights up the AFC.

In non-football related news, I was nearly attacked by a baby squirrel zombie on Sunday. I know. There's a first for every-thing, right? We were having a nice family cook-out when the little devil came bounding out of the woods, heading right for the badminton court. Then he stopped and stared at me, and started making very eerie chirping noises at me. I took a step towards him, trying to scare the little critter back into the woods, but he didn't back down. He Blitzed!!! I blocked him with my racket like Chad Clifton and he grabbed onto it with full-force. Maybe this little guy was trying to pull an Aaron Allen Kampman. Hard to say. Everyone at the cookout was laughing it up pretty good at this strange sight, and finally I took him back to the trees and he jumped off the racket and bounded away in search of more brains. "No human brains for you," I yelled at him!

Yelling at baby squirrels on a nice Sunday afternoon. So what does that mean?

I have no idea. Pass the Peach Pie!

Until next time, then.