Does he belong in Green and Gold?

Other than punter, the major concern for the Packers heading into the regular season is with the backup quarterbacks. While Underdog Matt Flynn has shown vast improvement since being drafted, Brian Brohm hasn't done squat since being tagged as one of the best prospects in his draft class coming out of Louisville.

You've got to agree with Aaron Nagler at Cheesehead TV saying that Thursday's game against the Titans may be the beginning or end of Brohm's career. Until he proves himself on a consistent basis, he'll be stuck wearing the red jersey instead of the Green and Gold, and if Brohm doesn't pull it all together soon, he'll either be traded or cut outright in favor of a veteran.

One thing is for certain - Brohm will get plenty of opportunities to get his act together or toss a half-dozen picks against the Titans.

I know FG has been advocating for the signing of Jake 'The Snake' Plummer in this role, but there are probably better veteran QBs out there who would give the Packers a little more insurance behind Rodgers.

Here's an interesting prediction from Peter King: The Packers will make it back to the NFC Championship, only to lose to the Bears! Really, Peter? Have to like the bold prediction, I guess, but the Bears? Guess I'd like to see Cutler win a playoff game, first. Would like to see Rodgers win a few this year, too.

FG is battling the Swine Flu this week, but he did pass this along via Morse Code:
"Tell the readers I am feeling swine, and that the Packers will beat up on the Titans, 24 - 10. Have a splendid Labor-Day!"

Lastly, don't buy into the whole 'Pre-season doesn't matter' line, folks. Winning breeds confidence, and it also reveals who has the best roster depth, in most cases.