FG's 2009 Draft Preview

The Packers would be fortunate to grab the best DT
in the draft - BJ Raji - with the 9th pick.

Only a few weekends to go until the NFL Draft, and then Wisconsin Fishing Opener. I'm just about as excited as a fellow can get in the month of April, which is the stupidest month of the year, every year.
I figured I'd do some research and put out my first annual 'Mock Draft' this spring, so I hope you enjoy my clairvoyant-attempt as you patiently wait for the ninth overall pick. I am only working through the first 10 picks this year, and I am assuming Ted Thompson will not trade away the ninth selection, although he'll likely do so, which might not necessarily be a bad thing with this year's draft class. From what I understand, there's not a whole lot of difference between the players taken around pick 10 and those at pick 25, except for the money, of course. But then again, we need some help on the defensive line, so maybe its time for Ted to just pull the trigger early on, like he did for AJ Hawk. Following the truncated-name defensive strategy, I think Ted will grab BJ Raji from Boston College, who is the best defensive tackle in the draft, by all accounts. Here is my top ten with a few select comments:

1 - Fort Detroit - Matthew Stafford, QB. Detroit almost selects someone decent, but decides to go with another crappy quarterback, who will actually be an upgrade to Culpepper.
2 - Saint Louis - J-Sizzle Smith, OT. I was hoping this kid would fall to us, but it appears everyone else sees how great a pick he would be. The Rams get a good one. He would be a must-pick if he fell to the Packers at nine.
3 - Kansas City - Aaron Curry, OLB. That's a spicy pick. Pass the bamboo shoots!
4 - Seattle - Eugene Monroe, OT. They need someone to protect Matt Hasslebeck's back out there in the rainy Northwest.
5 - Cleveland - Michael Crabtree, WR. Putting this cat opposite Braylon Edwards would really open up that offense, and it's just hard to imagine Crabtree falling past the Browns.
6 - Cincinnati - Andre Smith, OT. Just common sense for a team with no running game or pass protection. You know, this team just doesn't have anything, really.
7 - Oakland - Brian Orakpo, DE. He would be a good pick for the Packers as well, who need his kind of talent for the 3-4 Defense, but he likely won't fall past Oakland, or pick 8, at the very latest.
8 - Jacksonville - Mark Sanchez, QB. He could go sooner, as his stock is on the rise, but the Jaguars get a good kid to learn behind Garrard or eventually take the job outright.
9 - Green Bay - BJ Raji, DT. As I said before, he is the best DT in the draft, and the team needs to add depth (and width) to the line for the 3-4. Unless J-Sizzle falls this far, Ted must select a defensive lineman or linebacker with this pick. Raji or Orakpo or Florida's E. Brown all fit the bill, but I like Raji the best. I'm a sucker for chunky humans and critters with fun names, what can I say?
10 - Saint Francisco - Jeremy Maclin, WR. Team needs offensive weapons and they get one here.

The Packers have 8 additional picks in the 2009 draft, and hopefully 6 of them will be defensive players. Lord knows we need some help over there. Those picks are:

Second round - 41
Third round - 73, 83
Fourth round - 109
Fifth round - 145
Sixth round - 182, 187
Seventh round - 218