The Duke has arrived

March 27, tulips peeking their greenery from the cold dirt, and the Packers finally signed an unrestricted free agent! Huzzah!

Duke Preston started 11 games for the Buffalo Bills last season, and he is one big fellow. The Duke weighs in at 325 pounds, dear readers, which marks a welcome departure from the smaller, 'more athletic' zone blocking lineman mold we've grown accustomed to here in Green Bay over the last few years.

I heard that The Duke eats live chickens for lunch and several dozen meatloafs for dinner. It's true. He drives a dump-truck, but instead of a bucket he had a large crock-pot installed on the back that is always filled with pot-roast and gravy. This is one big fellow!

I can't say a whole lot more about the kid at this time, but I like the signing for a few reasons. For starters, he'll give us more depth on the offensive line so we can focus more on defense in the draft. Along that same line, he'll either become a starter or light a fire under our current starters to play with more intensity and consistency. It's all about creating competition in training camp, and this move - above all else - does so.

I really like it. Although I've been trying to limit myself for the sake of my heart, I am going to go and eat a couple dozen filet-o-fishes for lunch today in honor of The Duke. I may never be 6'5" or over 3-hundred pounds, but I can wolf down a big lunch and feel like it. Maybe when I'm done I'll try and tear a shrub out of the ground or block my Newfoundland into the davenport.

Have a good weekend, folks. Until next time, then.