Make that offense Smooth

So the Ravens went and placed the franchise tag on T-Sizzle the other day, making it more difficult - but not impossible - for the Packers to acquire him during the off-season. We'll have to give up a high draft pick and fork over a wheel-barrow full of riches, so while it is not likely, we can still dream of the 'Chill and Sizzle' combo. I dreamt I got a new Ranger Boat last night. And that I was 'driving' our dining room table through a strange city, being chased by the police. So there you have it, folks.

Dreaming about dynamite outside linebacker free-agents in one thing, but hoping for a draft pick is another, more realistic endeavor. Seems Mark Tauscher is going to hit the free agency and even if we get him back on the roster, he might not be 100-percent coming off a late-season knee injury. I like to read any information I can find on the Packers, and I came upon a piece by Journal Sentinel reporter Greg Bedard that really intrigued me. Greg says he's "got a draft-crush on Baylor left tackle Jason Smith." Based on the information he provided, so do I, dear readers. Especially seeing as our offensive line was just crazy inconsistant last year. Nothing against Breno Giacomoni, but it would be nice to get a real premium stud line-man in the draft this year.

Mr. Smith, like Terrell Suggs, has a great nick-name: J-Smooth. He says he aspires to be smooth in all aspects of life (like me!), but as Bedard reports, he also has a nasty streak: "When I'm on the field, I take a lot of pride in physically assaulting somebody." Sounds good to me.

In addition to being a physical freak of wonderful proportions, J-Smooth is interested in hunting and fishing, has a double major with a 4.0 GPA, and is into calf roping. He has a horse named Old Gray. Well, I guess you can officially put me down as a supporter of J-Smooth, and I really hope that Ted picks him up. What's not to like?

And if you are reading this, J-Smooth, shoot me an email and we'll go ice fishing sometime. I'll even bring the bait and the beer as a welcome to Wisconsin, big fellow! Until next time, then.