That's not right

Well folks, things certainly become clearer with time. Character, as they say, is not forged in one day but strengthened over time. I have taken my Brett Favre sticker out of the window of my pick-it-up truck over the bye week. I've had enough of this character for now.
So unless you've been camping in the rain for the last week (who in their right mind would do something that bone-headed?) you know that Mr. Favre has been exposed for speaking to our opponents about the Packers offense and terminology, which he knows a thing or two about.
And then, like a white-tail in the head-lamps, he lied about it, sending a telephone-mail to Peter King calling the report (cover your ears, young readers) "Total B.S."
A few days later he admitted he had talked to Matt Millen about the Packers offense. You don't say? Didn't you once call rumors about your un-retirement false when they weren't? Yeah I think so. On a side note, this whole mess is made all the more curious as Matt Millen had long worn the ridiculous-looling 'Worst General Manager' hat. Had, as in, now since fired. Finally. Also curious, Detroit didn't appear to have a defensive scheme that Semptember Sunday. So that's a noggin' scratcher.
You know I'm not going to go into the politics here folks, but I have been following them for a while now and I'll be proud to vote for the better one of them on Tuesday even though they're both rascals. You've got to be. Lord knows I'm a rascal but I'd never run for Mayor. Who needs that trouble? That's why you've got to admire any-one willing to put them-selves under those bright lights, but you've also got to be wary, dear readers.
That Favre sure is a rascal, too, and he could've run for Governor and whupped the heck out of Tommy or Jim or whoever was living on Lake Mendota down there. But I am not so sure now.
I've been trying hard to report on the Packers and leave the Jet stuff over there, this season, because I believe in the team before the individual, and because I'll be a less crabby fellow if I leave it be. I understand why he's sour and so forth, and why he can't leave it be, but here's my real beef: If you're cross with the leadership, why are you being such a jerk to your former team-mates and fans? That's what this is. And that's not right. So I took the Favre sticker off my pick-it-up-truck. You are off the truck! You just need to knock it off with this monkey-business!!!
OK. I feel better already. I need a lemon-ade.

Stay tuned for some fantastic advice on how to lose at fantasy football, and check out my Titans preview. Them guys are good. Let me just say that. Until next time, then.