Defending the Home-Land

You ever eat Indian cuisine, dear readers? Flavored with the soul of the Ganges? Well I'm a pretty adventurous eater, and me and Mooney and my brother and sister-in-law had some rather spicy curry and rice dishes for dinner on Sunday, and I was quite impressed. Got me a nice case of the sleepy belly. That's like when a leg falls asleep, but in the guts.
So we're sitting around eating dinner and I toss this comment out there: "You know who else is spicy? Brandon Chillar, The Indian Thriller." That drew some blank stares. "He's a Packer. A line-backer. He's got some India in the family tree. And his coverage skills are mighty thrilling." Nothing. They just stared at me.
Chillar had a heckuva day, countering the Colt's explosive passing attack. He's one of them guys who quietly do a really good job week after week.
Nick Collins has been having a Pro Bowl caliber season. His interception return for a touch-down really busted the game open, Sunday, and he's just been solid all-around in a depleted secondary. I tell you, I Rouse has been playing well too, but I can't wait for the return of Atari Bigby. That wild-cat knows a thing or two or three about defending the home-land. The Packer's defense leads the league in interceptions returned for touch-downs with five now. Another fun fact: The Packers lead the league in penalty yards, too. So there's that. But it was the Colts who had most of the bone-headed penalties this week.
First play of the game and General Grant runs off tackle for 14 yards. You just had to see this coming. Let's hope they can keep that rolling. Against the Colts they did, and it really opened up the offense. Donald Driver is now the leading receiver in Lambeau Field history. How about that, folks? With Greg Jennings playing so well you sometimes forget about Driver, but he's still a bona-fide (and slippery) threat. Congratulations, Donnie.
All of these notes are minor pleasantries. The Big News is the second-straight win and the resto-ration of mystique to the Lambeau Field advantage. 4 and 3 going into the rest week and I think you've gotta be pretty well pleased about that. Yeah? Yup.
It sure is great going on vacation with a good feeling. This win is important in that it brings us to 4 and 3, but I think there's a good chance this whooping of the Colts will create some spicy momentum. Momentum that'll last the rest of the season. A win going into the bye week is a lot like Indian food going into a Sunday evening. You can just sit back and relax and let that warm feeling sink in. Oh yes.
Don't let your thoughts drift too far from the Packers during the off-week, though, folks. We might have the game of the regular season coming up here in week nine against the Titans. Zooey! Them guys are serious. Here's to getting rested up and mentally-sharp for our road-trip to the greater Nashville region, folks! Yeee-Haw! Until then.