The Fantasy G. Unions – Week 1

Well, dear readers, this will be my first season playing fantasy football, but it won’t be my first season following the National Football League closely. I fully expect to win our league, which is made up of a few rookies and a few veteran managers. My team name is The Fantasy G. Unions and we are a damn fine bunch.

The Fantasy G. Unions

QB – Tom Brady, Kurt Warner

RB – Brandon Jacobs, Maurice Jones Drew, “Fast” Willie Parker, Reggie Bush and rookie speedster Chris Johnson (Titans)

WR – Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Joey Galloway, and Nate Burleson

TE – Chris Cooley

K – Jeff Reed

Defense – Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh

I obviously was happy with Jacobs on Thursday - he looked like a human meteor. Not so much with Chris Cooley. I don’t know what to think about that. Washington looked aweful on offense. Hope they turn that around and toss it Cooley’s way a bit more. Didn’t help that I am playing the guy with Plaxico Burress. I still like my chances though. I am starting Drew at RB2, and Burleson over Galloway at WR3, with Pittsburgh on Defense against the shabby Texans at home. I like this double defense strategy and hope to keep it going so long as I can afford to use that roster spot. I picked up Kurt Warner today to back up Brady during his bye week (week 4). I figured somebody's QB is going to get hurt this weekend, so I better grab this 'mighty fine back-up' while I can. I’m expecting a big week from Brady against the weak-sauce Chiefs - and against everyone else this season. Good luck to all in the fantasy sporting world!