2008 Season Preview

Me and Ike have been tinkering with the website a bit lately, cleaning things up before the new season begins. All of the normal stuff is still here, don’t you folks worry. And I’ll be adding a whole bunch more on top of that each week from here on into the Super-Bowl. This is a good time of year to whirl things up, if you ask me. I’ve been taking it easy all summer. It was just too hot. Too hot to wear bibbed overalls. Too hot to eat beets. Too hot to sleep. Good lord I love September.
First day of the month is our anniversary. Mooney and me tried sushi of all things. That’s raw fish from the ocean deeps. Raw raw. I had a tuna and a scallop and a wild crab. And I’ll tell you, dear readers, that stuff ain’t half bad. It gives you a real nice feeling. I said to Mooney – she liked it too! – I said, Heck Darling, this ain’t no perch fry, but this is damned good. I said, I wonder what perch would taste like all raw and rolled up in rice and cabbage? She just shook her head.
Yesterday bowling league started back up again. I got some mean blisters on my fingers this morning, but I had a good time with the team and we just destroyed a rookie squad by about 250 pins a game. Yikes.
While we’re bowling they’ve got the Washington - New York game on the television set. Even if it meant watching those damned Giants, it was still real great watching a regular season game again. A fan can only take so much pre-season.
And I had another reason for excitement, dear readers. I’m playing in a fantasy football league for the first time this season. The tricky part will be caring enough to win, but not caring so much that it gets in the way of being a Packers fan. So for instance, I have Giants RB Brandon Jacobs this year (who looked like a grizzly bear last night). If the Giants were playing the Packers I’d have to bench him. That’s pretty much my only rule. Anyways, I’ll be keeping you all up to date on my progress throughout the season. If you play in a league like many of the folks I know, maybe my observations will help you out (or serve as a guide on how not to play). Name of my team is The Fantasy G. Unions.
Anyways, the real reason for excite-ment this time of year arrives on Monday Night, when the Packers open the season against the stupid Vikings beneath the lights at Lambeau. Here are ten quick observations on the team after four pre-season games: 1. Aaron Rogers seems like the real deal. 2. Our rookie back-up quarterbacks, not so much. 3. That Flynn kid does have something, though. 4. You’ve got to appreciate a good defense. 5. Our punter is who? 6. We’ve got the best wide receivers in the whole NFL. 7. Linebackers? We’ve got some pretty darn good players at that position as well. 8. I really like Mike McCarthy, and I’m confident he’ll lead us to another Division Title. 9. If I were reasonable I would predict an 11-5 record. 10. I am not reasonable and the Packers will win all 16 games, in addition to the Super-Bowl.
So what is if still looks weird with Aaron Rogers dropping back to pass? Sometimes you’ve just got to accept the way things go and get on board. Sometimes you’ve got to be optimistic and try something new. Like raw fish. Or fantasy football. Or fantasy football with chop-sticks (careful). I really do think we’ve got a good team again this year and I do think we’ll win the NFC North. And I am really looking forward to our best year of coverage yet at Meat Packers Union. Hope you’ll stop on by once in a while. Until next time, then.