Taylor would be welcomed

Rumors continue swirling that the Packers are interested in acquiring Pro-Bowl defensive line-man Jason Taylor from Bill Parcells and the Miami Dolphins. Parcells has been asking for a first round draft pick in return, which is laughable. Just laughable. While defensive line is one of our stronger positions, I do think Taylor would bring some quality veteran leadership to our young squad, and everyone knows you can never have enough depth on the front lines, especially in the NFC North. The Vikings have a top-notch unit and all three of our rivals will be run-focused on the offensive.
I find it hard to believe that Ted Thompson would part with a second-rounder for Mr. Taylor, but I and other Packer Backers would definitely welcome the move. Taylor may be on the downside of his strong career, but he is still a top-end talent and if we can convince him to play a few more seasons, I think the deal would be a good one. No offense to Jordy Nelson, but I think Jason Taylor would probably have a much bigger impact on the team over the next few years, and that would probably be the case for any second-round pick we might get next year.
Now I don’t watch this fancy “Dancing with the Stars” television program, but I have heard that Mr. Taylor did quite well in the dancing competition, only bested by a tiny twirling figure skater. I doubt they’re doing The Charleston over there in Holly-wood Town, and I doubt Mr. Taylor could Polka better than me and Mooney, but I happen to be impressed with a gentleman who can tap the toe on the shiny floor. Dancing isn’t what it once was in our society, but I’m glad it’s making a come-back. If more folks focused on dancing rather than howling at the moon in Las Vegas, I think the world would be a better place. Or maybe dancing never went away. Maybe dancing just changed and left us Polka-loving folks behind. One-two-three. Maybe Mooney and me will take up this “break-dancing” over the summer. I bet spinning around on my head would be a real hoot.
Well, folks, I’ll start writing more regularly in a few weeks with the start of training camp. When it gets hot like this I’m just a lazy ol’ doggy in a rocking chair.
Until next time, then.