Putting self before team

The recent actions of Brett Favre have forced many Packers fans to question where their loyalties really lie. Should we support the confused, heroic man who very recently told us he didn’t have “anything left to give,” or our beloved Packers? Well dear readers, I’ve always been taught to put the team before self.
I’m sorry Brett, but you’ve handled this situation poorly, you’ve put the Packers in a tough spot, and you are breaking this old columnist’s heart. I admire Brett Favre, but I love the Packers. Always will.
People may try blaming Ted Thompson and Coach McCarthy for the current situation, but doing so is pure foolish-ness. Chew over the facts and you will see that Brett’s decisions led us to this point.
For the past several years, Brett has contemplated retirement. Following the playoff loss against the Giants, I hoped and figured he’d probably return once again after taking a deep breath. But he didn’t. On March 6, Brett told us all that he felt he couldn’t make the commitment and that his amazing 17th season would be his last. I respected that decision, much as it hurt.
It has now come to light that Brett changed his mind within a month and that Ted Thompson agreed to welcome him back. A meeting was planned for early April at Favre’s home to hammer out his reinstatement, but before McCarthy and Thompson got on the air-plane, Brett called to say he had spoken with Deanna and that he, in fact, would not be returning after-all.
After learning Brett cried wolf, how can anyone blame management now that Favre has once again changed his mind? I can’t. Although the team would very likely be better off with Favre under center, the Packers must hold firm on a matter of principle.
After learning the Packers were not thrilled about his second attempt of the off-season to un-retire, Brett asked for a release “with no strings attached,” all the while allowing his family and agent to bad-mouth the organization. His agent also suggested the Packers owed it to Favre to release him so that he could play for another team of his choosing, once again declaring that Brett should come first and the team should come second. I wonder if they realize how self-centered all these comments and demands sound to the average fan? I wonder if Brett realizes the damage he is doing to his status as Wisconsin’s Greatest Folk Hero?
The Packers will not release him. They shouldn’t. They have said they will put him back on the roster if he seeks reinstatement, but that he would be considered a back-up.
I can’t imagine such a thing.
The team could also trade him. I would hate to see this happen, but it may be what is best for the team, and as such, I would support it. Of course they would not trade him to a 2008 opponent, and would probably not trade him to another NFC team. Unless they get the right value from one of the few teams that meet those standards, I doubt a trade will happen. I can’t even believe I am thinking about these options.
Sometimes it’s best to look at things in terms of real life for us common folks. It would be one thing if Brett retired and changed his mind before the draft or the team work-outs. I could forgive that. But now I see the pattern. It’s not quite that simple. I see that he quit on the team twice this off-season.
If I up and quit on Mooney and the family twice I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome home. I wouldn’t deserve it.
Family comes first, and so should the team. I don’t understand how anyone could look at the facts and support Brett’s actions. And this from a man with a Brett Favre decal on his pick-it-up truck and a Number Four jersey in the top drawer of his dresser…
Brett had multiple chances to quarterback the Packers this season and he turned them down. Sometimes it is important to stick with a decision even if it might be the wrong one, and I think that is probably the case here.
So please Brett, stay home. Let us remember you as a hero. Until next time, then.