Drafting a message

Ted Thompson made it pretty clear this weekend what he thought of any plans Brett Favre might have to un-retire this season. He also sent a message to Daunte Culpepper and his busted knee and stubby T-Rex arms.
“We’ve got plenty of Quarter-backs on this here roster,” said Thompson draft-pickily.
I really liked the move to draft Brohm when he dropped into our hands in round two, and I guess I like the Matt Flynn pick in round seven, too, especially if it means Daunte Culpepper never suits up in the Green and Gold. I am sure Daunte is a real nice fellow, but I will never be a fan. I feel the same way about Darren Sharper now. You cross the St. Croix and you cross more than a river in my book. Minnesota is just fine and dandy so far as states go, but I will never have a soft spot for the Vikings or their fans. Just sympathy and disdain…
Let us give a big ‘ol Meat Packers Union welcome to new players Jordy, Brian, Patrick, Jermichael, Jeremy, Josh, Breno, Matt and Brett… No. Not that Brett.
Taking them in order, I’ve got to admit great excitement for this Jordy Nelson fellow. He’s a regular human rocket with good size and great hands. I’ll admit, I didn’t have a clue who Jordy Nelson was when they called his name at the beginning of round two, but the more I read about him the more I liked him. He’s got a fun name, but also, a tough road ahead. Unless McCarthy is looking to open up a Big Six package, there is going to be some difficult decisions on the Wide-Receiver rosters come August.
So me and Mooney went out for a little dancing on Saturday evening. Our friends are in this music-band and about half-way through their performance, Nicholas (the lead singer) gave a hearty shout-out for our new friend Jordy. The whole place gave up a rip-roaring 'Hoo-ray' for Mr. Jordy and I only wish he could’ve seen it. I heard some anti-Ted folks were booing the pick over at Lambeau, but so far as I could tell, the folks at the dancing-hall were really enthusiastic about our new wide receiver. Or maybe they were just enthusiastic about the ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon.
You knew we were going to take a corner-back at some point and Thompson did just that with pick number 60. Patrick Lee is a big, physical kid from Auburn who will hopefully learn a great deal from Al and Charles over the next season. Them SEC kids are usually speedy’r than a hungry muskie, so if he can learn the system and stay healthy, I imagine he’ll fit in just fine. I am also eager to see how our other defensive backs respond to this pick, seeing as how they’ll be competing with Patrick for the Nickel-back position on passing downs.
That’s pretty much the key to Thompson’s team-building scheme: Bring in competition and let the best man win. We’ve surely got competition all over the field and that’s a sign of good draft-pickin’ over the past few seasons.
Although I am sure Rodgers will be our starter this year, I like the Brohm pick as it will keep both of them improving. Same goes for Flynn. It’s hard to feel good about the QB spot after losing Brett, but heck, we’ve got ourselves a pretty nice stable of young arms, folks.
My other favorite pick of the draft was this Breno Giacomini fellow (I pronounce it "Brain-O"), who has Amazonian ancestry and monster-like tenacity. Maybe I just like kids with weird names, but I see a bright future for ol’ Breno in Green Bay.
“Give ‘em the Breno-Crusher Big Fella!”
Hey folks, good luck to ya’ll on fishing opener this weekend. I’ll be searching for muskies out there in the rain with my buddies Charlie and Crazy Dean.
Until next time, then.