Leaping jelly-fish, the Pro Bowl is stupid

It felt good to write again this morning, even if it was just to gripe about disappointments. And I might as well warn you, dear readers, it looks like I have more matters to gripe about today.
As noted in my earlier dispatch, I was looking forward to watching the Pro-Bowl today as I am hung up with a bum wing and stuck indoors. Well let me tell you: The Pro Bowl is stupid. The only reason I was excited to catch this tropical Dog and Pony Show was Mike McCarthy was coaching the NFC team, and they didn't even interview him or talk about how the game-plan is figured out or anything. And sure, I was hoping Donald Driver might go all squirrelly for a long score. The game is, after-all, skewed heavily towards the offensive units. I guess this is where I have the real trouble.
First off, they change the rules to help the offense. Corner-backs can’t even press wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. Just imagine Al Harris playing off the line! Ridiculous, I know. He even got an ‘unsportsman-like’ penalty for doing so. Also, no blitzing! Why even have a defense out there? Just throw some crash test dummies on the field and let Peyton Manning throw thirty touchdowns by half-time.
Second, nobody’s trying. Third, all you readers know my beef with the voting system, that gets it wrong way too often. I mean, thirteen players from Dallas and only one from New York? Really? The league isn’t that far apart, folks. Fourth... ah, to heck with it.
I guess I’m taking this thing too seriously.
That lasagna was really good and I’ve got a nice book to read tonight so I suppose I’ll just try and enjoy the fourth quarter. Hey look at this, dear readers! Another trick play! That’s the third one by my count and all of them exciting. So it’s not all bad.
In the end, McCarthy led the team to a fourth quarter come-back victory. Hopefully Coach Mike and his staff collected a bunch of useful information on all of our NFC competition over the course of the week.
Well, readers, make sure you stay tuned in the coming week for my thought’s on Coach McCarthy’s new contract extension.
Until next time, then.