Still not over it

It’s been a tough couple of weeks, dear readers, and I’m still not over the NFC Championship game. At this point, I don’t think I ever will be. I tried cheering against the Giants in the Super Bowl by wagerin' a saw-buck on the Patriots, but that didn’t work. If anything, it was a really good game; probably one of the better Super Bowls I’ve ever seen. Still, I just kept imaging that it was The Packers out there and that the events were not real. I didn’t even have the appetite to finish my plate of meat-balls.
Oh, and I broke my arm a couple of weeks ago.
Me and a few buddies were trying to forget about football by focusing on fish, but we didn’t catch any-a-one and then some horsing around broke out and my buddy Mike went ‘Timber!’ right into my wing. So there you go. My ice fishing season is done. Can't set the hook, for crying out loud. This leaves me with even more time to think about the horrible events of Jan. 20, and more time to lay on the couch wearing sweat-pants. I’ve mostly been wearing my favorite Green and Gold hooded sweatshirt and eating lots of sweets.
Did I mention my pick-it-up-truck got hit by a lady without a driver’s license when it was parked on the street last week? She called the police on herself, and it still runs, but come on already! I just can’t win this month.
Well, at least I can look forward to watching the Pro-Bowl today.
Coach McCarthy is in charge of the NFC squad, and I’m looking forward to watching the few Packers who’ll be playing. I’ve got some home-cooked lasagna in the fridge so maybe I’ll heat that up and turn the thermo-stat up to 80 and pretend I’m in the pacific tropics. Sitting on the beach might be good for the old bones.
Until next time, then.