The Future With McCarthy

I had a dream last night that Mike Holmgren was the President of the United States and the country was under threat of nuclear attack. Me and Mike and a crowd of familiar folks were in a bunker. The bunker doors would not shut, but nothing happened...

Don't ask me what this one means, dear readers. I got no idea. I just thought it was an interesting scenar-io.

Back in reality, The Green Bay Football Packers and General Manager Ted Thompson made the ultimately wise decision of signing Coach Mike McCarthy to an ex-tended five year contract, securing his fine services through the 2012 Season. I know you were all very diss-apointed when the Packers failed to win the Super Bowl a few months back, but I also hope you share with me a great confidence in the future with Coach McCarthy.

"We have accomplished some of our goals over the past two seasons, but there remains much left to be done," said McCarthy of the new deal.

In just two seasons this straight-forward leader of deter-mination has restored the sun to the Wisconsin sky. So far as I'm concerned, he's worth every shiny nickel and then some. Three cheers! dear reader; Three cheers!

With the brains all set, we turn to some hot winter-time roster action:
So long, Bubba. We all appreciated those good years, but something just hasn't been right about you lately. I'm sad to say it, old friend, but you haven't lived up to that hefty con-tract. Best of luck whererver you land.

Me and Cousin Walter were so pleased that the Packers secured the talents of the beastly DT Corey Williams last week. You see, my Cousin Walter and I are quite fond of strong line-play. Like Ron Wolf before him, Mr. Thompson subscribes to this philosophy as well, and you can bet the Packers will have some of the finest units in the league come September. When you are stong in the trenches, you are stronger as a whole.

Well, the NFL Scouting Combine is ongoing, giving us an early glimpse of the 2008 draft class. Where will Mr. Thompson look for re-enforcements this year? Let the specu-lation begin!

Until next time, then.