The Harvest Favre yields an infinite bounty...

I sure hope you all got a chance to gaze into the eyes of The Harvest Moon last week. It was a real whopper. Me and Mooney took a ride out to the old bridge and said our hellos like we do every year. It was a quiet and warm night and every-thing had that wonderful autumn glow. Back in the day they used to harvest the fields by this very moon-light, working day and night; but now with electric lights it doesn’t matter so much, that moon. To most, it’s just another one spinning around up there, doing what a moon does. It still matters to me and my wife though, and it makes me want to sing like a wolf.
Any-hoo, the Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the Autumnal Equinox, the most plain day of the year. This year, it was also the Full Moon that witnessed one of the most significant sporting records to fall in some time.
Of course I was leaping around like a Gorgeous Grass-hopper when Number 421 crossed the goal-line. Like everyone, I could feel it getting ready to un-wind. For some reason I stood up and started hootin’ as they came to the line, like I was a being summoned to my feet by the moon’s gravitational pull-force.
The play and the pass itself were Pure Favre Gold. Or Deep-fried Gold, to borrow a term from a friend. Oh, the slant route – How many times have I seen your glory?
Well, I could go on and on about the record, about the reaction, about the meaning and the historical significance, but you each saw it – probably a hundred times already. And if you’re spending time reading this old columnist, you probably have a pretty firm grasp as to what it means for us Packers fans.
I guess I’m with Favre in that the numbers don’t mean a whole lot, so long as you’re winning, but to think of the scope of the moment, here, well … it’s a real mind-boggler. If you could bottle the joy of watching a Brett Favre touchdown you’d sure be a rich’un, dear readers. That’dbe a commodity so rare and magnificent that people would drink it by the vat-fulls. They’d have to make it illegal, as people would do nothing but lounge in giant pools of Favre-tastic Pleasure Lava. Society would effectively grind to a halt.
The thing is, you can’t bottle it and you can’t fill a tub with the Glory of Favre. You can only enjoy what moments we have left and remember the 420 that came before. Then again, rememberin’ ain’t half as fun as doing.
We are all very lucky to have been born Packers fans in this life.
And what better time to be a Packer Backer than today? We are 4-0 and playing dynamic defense. And how about this for a thought as we bask in the strange glow of the Harvest Favre: How about a fourth MVP for Number Four? Stranger things have happened, folks, and I’d say he’s right on track. More on this as the season progresses.
With the Vikings trash-talking all but silenced, we can move forward to week five and the highly-regarded Bears. It amazes me that it took them that long to bench Wrecks Grossman, but the backup isn’t much better. It’s like eating Turkey Bacon with Sugar Free Syrup – Nasty. Anyways, the confidence in Green Bay is bigger than that Harvest Moon and I like our chances once again. A victory here would solidify our grasp on the NFC North and a playoff spot. Mark it a win, folks: Green Bay 20, Chicago 14.
Until next week, then.