The mystique is back

Whoa, sugar beets! I know I picked the Packers to win last weekend, but I never expected them to do so with such grace and honor. The youngsters looked like a real professional outfit, Sunday, and I must say – This is Coach McCarthy’s finest win to date.
You really couldn’t have a better start to the season. While nearly all of the experts, and a good chunk of the stand-patter Packers fans were predicting a lousy outcome this season, even us fanaticals were not planning on going 3-0 against three 2006 playoff squadrons. This was supposed to be the tough part of the season, after all, like dried up goose livers without a hefty scoop of butter ‘n onions. But not only did we swallow this hairy helping, we digested our opponents with the metabolism of a fit humming-bird.
I guess I should’ve seen it coming, though. Twice last week I received the omens as I slumbered.
In one of these visions, I was playing on the defensive line and in the other I was sitting in the front row at Lambeau. In both dreams we were whuppin’ the Super-Chargers and in both dreams I just kept a-hollarin’ the same thing over and over and over: “You show ‘em boys! You restore that Lambeau mystique!” Even though it was a dream, I was quite red-faced and frisky in the mind.
Now I’m not sure the mystique is one-hundred-percent restored, but an emphatic win against last season’s most-winning-est team sure will help. Now if we can only shake this pesky summer-time temperate-ness and bring on the frozen vapors!
Of all the nice things I could say about Sunday’s game, I would like to high-light our line-play. The Offensive side did a dandy job pass-blocking and the Defensive side really did their share when it came to shutting down LT. So they all get golden stars and cookies and milk.
Well, I’ve gone this far into the column without mentioning the next big record. You know the one. I guess we’ll discuss that large number when Brett finally surpasses it – and oh, dear readers, what a sweeter time to do so than against The Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully he’ll torch the slow-footed Darren Sharper for the go-ahead.
Unfortunately, this means he won’t set the all-time touchdown record at home, which would further bolster that Lambeau mystique, but like Brett says – Who cares about numbers in a dusty ol’ book? The important thing is those numbers in the win column.
Gosh, I’d like to think we’d be able to get that ground attack in motion this week, but if the Vikings do one thing well – besides playing in a climate-controlled cacooon and losing – it’s stuffing the run. So I reckon we’ll be dialing up the Pass-Happy Hotline once again. And that’s just hucky-duck, folks, ‘cause it seems to be working real nice.
With Donnie D and Greg and James in top form, I have to believe the streak will continue. Much as I was surprised to finish 8 and 8 last year, I am surprised to be making this prediction come week four: Packers – 27, Vikings – 10; First place in the North and a perfect 4-0 start to the season.
Hoo-ray and a ha-cha-cha!
Who wants to dance?
Until next week, then.