A beaut-iful win

Brett Favre called last week’s victory over the Eagle-Birds an “ugly” one. Many of you might agree with that assessment, but I thought the opening day’s triumph was rather beaut-iful, if you want the truth. After starting off the last three seasons like a hibernating kitten, The Packers showed some zip and tenacious-ness for once, and by golly, they actually won their home opener. It’s like Coach McCarthy said earlier that week: You don’t make the playoffs in the first few weeks, but winning early sure helps build a solid foundation. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but lets just hope we can avoid going 1-4 this year.
But back to the big win, however you want to describe it… When Mason Crosby’s final field goal sailed through those uprights I was hopping around the living-room like a youngster whizzed up on candy-apples and soda-pop-fizz. Days later, I’m still sore like crazy, and not just in the smilin’ muscles, mind you. Dear readers, we had no business winning that game, but the National Football League is a funny business. No matter how poorly the offensive line played (very), or how painfully inconsistant the offensive unit was as a whole, you’ve got to give a big hoot and a hollar to the defense and our special teams. Gosh, we all knew about the defense, but it seems like a very long time since our special teams resembled anything special whatsoever.
I guess you’ve got to hand it to the Eagle-Bird Defense, though. That crowd has been giving us fits for the longest time, it seems.
Looking ahead I see calmer waters way over in New York City, home of the other New York Giants, who gave up 45 points to the Cowboys and their over-rated QB, Tony Romo (who, by the way, should never have made the Pro-Bowl last year… grumble!).
Anyhoo, any defense that gives up that many yards to that type of Quarterback is certainly friendly to our struggling offense. Once again, our troubles begin on the line, which looked about as poor as they did at the beginning of last season. I was seriously fearing for Brett’s well-being once it became apparent the running game was being shut down for the day. With all them crazy blitzing schemes it’s a wonder he didn’t get banged up more. Then again, we all know Brett possesses magic talents like ghostly slippery-ness, aging avoidance and remarkable anti-gravity properties. Heck, he’s a regular abra-ca-dabra.
But can he lead the NFL’s youngest team to another victory against the wily NFC East? I think so. After years of watching Mike Sherman poison The Packers from the insides-out, I get the feeling we are heading again in the right direction. The new kids are helping us instead of dragging us down, and the mood on the field is as positive as an otter family swimming in a bait-shop minnow tank.
And boy-oh-boy do we need to win this one, folks. The Saint Diego Super Chargers are thundering on the horizon and I’ll be honest with you - I might not be able to pick The Packers in that one.
Can you imagine? Lordy.
Anyways, I will pick The Green and Gold against the Giants. When two shaky teams meet I’ll take the one with the better defense, and let me tell you, The Packer’s Defense is far superior to the Giant’s. Look for an improved passing attack from Brett and the Speedsters, and a 2 and 0 start to the season – Packers 17, Giants 10.
Until next week, then.