Bring on the regular season

Gee-whiz. I guess I won’t be mentioning any future winning streaks in this here column. Not that it’s a big deal, but I don’t mean to jinx a good thing, folks.
The final score might say we lost last Thursday’s contest against the Jaguars, but I’d call it a draw where it mattered most. The starting defense looked downright tenacious, and the offense was able to put up a few points during the first half, even though the running game was non-existent. Let’s not kid ourselves, though – the offense will be playin’ second fiddle all season, even with a healthy Donald Driver, who appears to have a ‘sprained foot,’ following an awkward tackle in the moments before half-time. For the record, I don’t know what a ‘sprained foot’ is, but that sure doesn’t sound good. I didn’t know you could sprain a solid object, to be honest. Can you sprain a shin or a face? Doctor Common-Sense tells me that we should keep sprains to the joint family, but then again, Doctor Common-Sense is imaginary. And who really knows what is going on with those damned phalanges?
While Double D heals up his bandit foot and Mr. Jennings adjusts to his role on the weak-side, Rookie pheno-menon James Jones continues to flourish like a Patch of Whorled Milk-weed beneath Wisconsin’s September sun. This kid might run the occasional goofy route, and he might cough up a mistake like that fumble Thursday night, but he still brings a much-needed spark to a struggling offense. Early on, at least, it seems as though opposing defenses aren’t even covering him, focusing instead on our known producers. That will change if he keeps this up, but he seems like the type of kid who responds well to a challenge. As Author James Jones wrote in the opening passages of ‘From Here To Eternity:’
“Somewhere along the line … these things have become your heritage. You are multiplied by each sound that you hear. And you cannot deny them, without denying with them the purpose of your own existence.”
Anyways, I am expecting a big year from him, clearly.
On the other hand, I am hoping McCarthy comes to his senses and cuts Ingle Martin. I think that interception he threw at the end of the game might be the last pass attempt he will ever have in the NFL. He is also still holding the “Worst Pass Ever” title from a showing in last year’s pre-season. You remember the one. The harsh reality is that Mr. Martin doesn’t have what it takes when dropped into a game-speed situation.
There. I said it.
There is always the possibility that Favre and Rodgers will be the only Quarterbacks on the team once the final cuts are made, and considering all the fine talent we have at other positions, this would probably be a wise move. If one of them did go down to injury, we could always snag another QB off the wires, and he would no doubt be better than Ingle Martin. As for Paul Thompson, I see a Practice Squad Birth on the horizon.
Well, folks, I am going to be heading up north in a few weeks for some rest and relaxation with the wife at the cabin. This means I won’t be reporting in following the game against the Titanics next week, as I will be too busy catching muskies and building bonfires. But don’tcha worry, I’ll be ready to go for the season opener on September Ninth. Before I depart for the Pine Forests, I’ll leave you with a few predications: Packers over the Titanics by 17. Swift recoveries for Driver and Morency. Crosby over Rayner. And The Packers besting the Eagle-Birds, 30-10.
Until September, then.