The Hottest Team in the Land

How about that Ladies and Gentlemen? The Packers continued their winning streak once again over the weekend, which now stands at six straight victories.
Now I don’t like to get too zonkers about pre-season match-ups, but that shellackin’ we put on Papa Holmgren and the Sea-Hawk-Birds was mighty, mighty impressive. Still, you all might remember back to last season when we got beat about the face and were made to look awe-fully foolish down in Cincinatti by a similar scoring barrage. So it can go both ways. You might also point out that Seattle played their starters fewer snaps that the Old Green and Gold, or your might hollar through your shiny bull-horn: ‘Who the Heck Cares, FG!? It doesn’t mean a one thing!”
Well who knows what it means but I do care and I think I know why the Sea-Hawk-Birds were stumbling so badly – It looks to this seasoned columnist like Coach Holmgren has abandoned his frisk-ey push-broom moustache. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in facial hy-genics, but when the Good Lord generously gives you a moustache of that caliber, I don’t think it’s wise to sheer it off like some two-bit Quarter Blood sheep wool. But that’s just my two cents.
Either way, I rather enjoyed myself, listening to the rain going all pitter-patter up-on the window-pane while the Good Guys got their fill of the new and improved Lambeau Leap.
Speaking of leaping innovators, did anybody see that bang-tail Leroy Butler im-person-ator launching blitz schemes from the secondary with that whacky hair-do?
It certainly wasn’t Marquand Manuel, that’s for sure. Nope, it was none other than the high flying Atari Bigby. Juniper Jeffries! I remember when the kids were still little bugs and we had an Atari Entertainment System in the sitting den, which was an early version of the Super-Nintendo or whatever the kids are playing these days. I played this game called Pit-Fall one time and I got chewed up by an Alligator hidin’ in a puddle. Ouch.
Anyways, Mr. Bibgy brought some much-needed zing to the defense, which has led me to finally call it quits on Mr. Manuel. I hope the coaching staff will give young Bigby some more time with the Number One Defense during the rest of the Pre-Season. Boy, oh boy, I think this kid is the real deal, folks.
Well, we got another game coming up real quick-like on a Thursday of all things. My Bowling League is starting up with the formation meeting that night, but I should be able to catch the game in-between marking my plentiful Turkey-Frames. The Jaguars, who are apparently an NFL team from that crowded swamp of a state called Florida, seem to have some talent, but I am predicting a Packers win once again by a score of 17 – 14 in a squeeker. Look for more progress with the first team units as playing times increase. My neighbor-kid Larry told me yester-day that he picked up #3 Receiver James Jones in his ‘Fantasy League’ – whatever the hell that means. He was enthusiastic about the ‘acquisition’ and I like that young player, too. On a related note, I was more than happy to see Robert Ferguson hitting the road last week. I bet Doofus Sherman will pick him up in Houston by month’s end.
Until next week, then.