Let's get crackin' on the new season

Well, it sure is good to be back etching in the Union Log on a regular basis, ‘cause idle pencils in my neck of Wisconsin means the off-season for the Green and Gold.
Technically, the 2007 season doesn’t begin until this Saturday when the Packers travel by steam-boat to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania for a spirited contest against the Steelers of the Three Rivers Valley. Some may measure a season from the first pre-season game to its yet-to-be-determined end, but not this old columnist. The new season has been upon us now for some time so far as I’m concerned, like them critters who keep chewing on my vegetables. They are mighty persistent, and, I might add, mighty elusive.
Regardless of the state of my raspberries and my radishes, I was highly enthused last weekend to find the 2007 Packer’s Family Night Scrimmage being broadcast across the vast and digital garden that is the American Airwaves.
“Ha-cha-cha,” I said to the wife, “Live Action!”
It’s one thing to read about practices, how the rookies are taking to the rigors of The League and the thoughts of the coaching staff, but it is quite another thing to see it all coming together on the television set. And in full color, no less! What will those robots come up with next?
So I fiddled with the rabbit ears and got the picture tube just right, and then I went about arranging my snack spread for the evening’s entertainment. There I was on the davenport in front of the wood-stove, legs all wrapped up in a nice afghan, looking at a cart-full of loose-meat sandwiches and a bucket topped out with ice-cubes and cold beers. Hosanna!
While the scrimmage-match was interesting to watch, it would have been better without the obtrusive commentary from local yokel Drew Smith and former Packer Johnny Gray. Thanks a ton, guys, but I’d rather hear your thoughts about that 11-yard TD pass from Brett to Donny rather than more hypnotic hog-wash from Ted Thompson about the importance of signing young talent to long-term deals. And this from a Ted-Thompson trendoid!
Anyhoo, the first team offense looked pretty smooth, but it’s tough as a tin penny to tell what’s what on a practice run. Overall, I thought the youngsters did a pretty good job – Lot’s of talent in the secondary, it seems, and the yearlings on the offensive line seemed to be picking up where they left off last year.
More than anything, it was good to see all those young Packers fans enjoying the scene at Lambeau Field. Makes me think back to my childhood and how I gradually became infected with Green and Gold Fever. This is a fever that cannot be treated with mysterious potions or boiled roots, as you know. Green and Gold Fever is a lifelong affliction, one permanent and pleasurable.
Thinking about this, I finished off the last of my beers and turned to the framed picture of my old adversary, Sweet Claudine the Muskie-Beast, and I said:
“Here’s to the next season, and a life-time of dedication to the finest foot-ball club in the land.”
Sweet Claudine just smiled at me and winked her approval.
Well, looking ahead to next week’s game, I like the Packers in a route, 28-3. Looks to me that we’re on the verge of an un-defeated season filled with grace and honor and pocket-fulls of hope, dear readers, and I’m glad you will be joining me along the way.
Until next week, then.