An Afternoon with Brett

One of my favorite things to do in the summertime – aside from fishing and tending to the garden-plot – is visiting the local library. They’ve got all sorts of neat periodicals and volumes and what-not, and I really like renting out the VHS tapes. Last week I picked up a program on the mighty Edmund Fitzgerald and another on Horatio Alger’s historic motor-carriage drive across the North American continent.
While I enjoy the VHS (tapes, not the fish disease), I am quite wary of these Digital Video Discs. For one, I don’t own a DVD play-back machine. And two, lasers frighten the bejesus out of me. That’s the honest truth, folks. They’re like a virus or something. Not alive, but not dead. Now that just gives me the ol' willies.
My cousin Walter is quite the technology wiz, though, and he convinced me there was nothing to worry about. “Dontcha worry,” he said. “These lasers almost always stay in the machine and out of your brains.”
He even suggested a fine program for us to watch during one of those sweltering steam box days last week. Cripes, it was hotter than a copper barrel of blue mud out there. I even had to sport my shade-hat that reads: “Pike Assassin.”
Anyways, Walter got his fancy robot machine to play us a fine moving picture called “Brett Favre: On and off the Field.”
Luckily, I had my notebook with me, which allowed me to jot down a few select notes. Before we get into all of that, I would like to go ahead and recommend that you all find yourselves a copy of this movie-show and give it a proper viewing before training camp begins in a few weeks.
It’s a good one. A real dazzler.
Like the title says, this program consists mainly of Brett Favre conversing with team-mate LeRoy Butler on a variety of topics. Such as: The difficulties of parenting, the beauty and charm of his wife Deanna, golf, the passing of his father, Big Irv, and, of course, football.
Without spelling the whole deal out, I’d like to share a few choice quotes that struck this old columnist:
On parenting – “I don’t know what is cool.”
On Deanna – “We grew up together … she was rough an’ all that stuff.”
On Football – “I’m not in it for me … it may not always seem that way, but I play the same way today that I played in High School.”
His Greatest Achievement – “Being the starting Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.”
On his strengths – “I feel like I throw (the ball) differently than any other guy who’s played the game. I’m in the game because of my right arm, not because of my legs.”
Anyways, if you’re reading this column you’re probably a big fan of Number Four, which leads me to believe you’ll really enjoy this program. And I’ll bet a shoe full of tuna that your local library can get their hands on a copy, too, so check it out. If anything, it will quench your Packers thirst through the remainder of this awfully hot off-season.

On another note, how about them Brewers?!! Yippee! While my main focus is the Packers, I have since childhood been a great fan of the ol’ Base, and it’s nice to see our Wisconsin club making a run at the division pennant. I sure hope they can finish the second half with strength. Will be at a game next week against the Diamondbackers – whoever they are – with my good buddy Chinwhisker Charlie. We’ve got ourselves a double-header between the game and a round of Muskie fishing, so it should be a top-notch time.
Until next time, then.